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Gw2-64.exe is an updated version of Gw2.exe, the main executable file of Guild Wars 2, for modern 64-bit operating systems. It is the game installer, updater, loader, and client all in one. The program connects to the game servers on start, creates or updates the main data file Gw2.dat, and starts the game. It is possible to use command line arguments with Gw2-64.exe desktop shortcut to modify the game behavior.

64-bit version of the client was originally introduced in 2015 with launch of Heart of Thorns with the aim to improve performance and reduce some of the crashes experienced by players. Since 2016 update, the 64-bit client is no longer in beta, and is the default version of the file.

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

What is the 64-bit client?

It is an alternative to the 32-bit client currently used to play the game. Aside from some technical details, the two are identical in functionality.

What does it mean that the client is 64-bit?

Modern computers generally have one of two types of processors: 32-bit, or 64-bit. 32-bit processors can only execute 32-bit applications, while 64-bit processors can execute both 32-bit and 64-bit applications. The fact that the client is 64-bit means that it is intended to be executed on 64-bit processors.

What are the benefits over the 32-bit client?

64-bit applications have a significantly higher limit on how much memory they are able to use compared to 32-bit applications. Due to this, the main benefit is significantly less "out of memory" crashes.

What are the requirements of using the 64-bit client?

Your computer needs to have a 64-bit processor, and your operating system must also be 64-bit. To find out whether you fulfill these requirements, please refer to Microsoft's Knowledge Base. If you are using Windows 10 you may follow the steps for Windows 8, and replace the first step with simply clicking the search button in the task bar. Please note that we do not support 64-bit Windows XP.

How do I get the 64-bit client?

Log in to and go to the Game Content page. Under "Other Clients" you will find a button that says "Windows 64-bit [Beta]". Press that button and then follow the instructions in the next paragraph for installing the executable. Installing the 64-bit client is a manual process and is recommended only for people familiar with Windows folder management.

I already have the 32-bit client; will I have to completely download the game again?

No. The 64-bit client uses the same data as the 32-bit client. If you already have the game installed, you can follow these instructions to avoid needing to reinstall the game:

  • Download the 64-bit client.
  • Copy the downloaded program into your Guild Wars 2 game folder.
  • Update any shortcuts to the game to point to the new file instead.
Are the two clients mutually exclusive?

No. If you have both installed (or copied to the same folder as outlined in "I already have the 32-bit client; will I have to completely download the game again?"), you may launch either client as you see fit.

Does the 64-bit client only benefit players with more than 4 GB of system memory?

No. It is true that the 32-bit client in theory can access up to 4 GB of memory. In practice however this is almost never the case, due to gaps in the address space that slowly build up over time (known as fragmentation). Most players crashing today due to being "out of memory" are actually only using between 3 and 3.5 GB of their system memory.

In addition to this, modern operating systems use something known as "virtual memory" to extend the available memory beyond what the system has physically. The 64-bit client will allow you to benefit from the increased address space by making gaps largely irrelevant, and will allow the client to use more memory than it could otherwise rather than crashing.

Are there any performance differences between the 64-bit and 32-bit client?

There may be some very slight differences in favor of either client depending on your computer's configuration. In the vast majority of cases it should be negligible.

Why is the 64-bit client using more memory than the 32-bit client?

Due to the technical differences between the two platforms the memory usage will never be directly comparable.

Is there a 64-bit Mac client?

Yes, but the 64-bit Mac client is currently in beta stage.

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