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Welcome! Please help us to document the world of Guild Wars 2. The sequel in the award-winning game series by ArenaNet!

What is a wiki?[edit]

To quote Wikipedia, a "wiki" is software that allows users to create, edit, and link web pages easily. Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites and to power community websites. They are being installed by businesses to provide affordable and effective Intranets and for Knowledge Management. Ward Cunningham, developer of the first wiki, WikiWikiWeb, originally described it as "the simplest online database that could possibly work".

How do I make an edit?[edit]

The content on this site can be edited through any internet browser, with no additional software.

Don't be afraid to edit — anyone can edit almost any page, and we encourage you to be bold! Whether it be content, grammar, or formatting, you can make it better!

  1. When editing an article, if your changes are only limited to a small section, it's good practice to use the edit link of the enclosing section.
  2. Format text by highlighting the words you want to format and clicking the relevant button on the toolbar.
  3. Always verify your edits with the Show preview button.
  4. Before you save a change, you can enter a short note in the Summary box describing your changes. For example, you might say "fixed typo".
  5. Press the Save page button to commit your changes.

If your changes involve several different sections, consider using the edit link at the top of the page instead of editing one section at a time.

Every article has its own "talk page" where you can ask questions, make suggestions, or discuss corrections. This may be accessed by clicking the discussion tab at the top of the page.

Remember you should always aim to improve the overall contents of the wiki with your edits. You can't break Guild Wars 2 Wiki (but please, don't try to). Anything can be fixed or improved later. So go ahead, edit an article and help make this the best source of information on Guild Wars 2!

New users are encouraged to create an account so that contributions are properly attributed to you. It also makes it easier for other users to recognize and contact you.

We try to follow a common style and format across articles for consistency. When editing, you can generally look at a similar article for an example or consult the formatting guides.

For technical help on how to edit, consult any of these links:

  • Our sandbox can be used for experimental edits.
  • Help:Editing - A cheatsheet for basic wiki formatting.
  • Help:Editing at Meta-Wiki - Basically the same, but has a lot of links covering more advanced editing topics.
  • Practices and Processes - This article attempts to document common practices that have been agreed upon or proved effective.
  • Help:Uploading Images - Here are some basics on how to upload and format images to be wiki friendly.

Common mistakes[edit]

Copying content directly from other wikis
Other wikis for Guild Wars 2 generally use licenses that are incompatible with ours, and most of their content cannot be used here. See Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Copyrighted content for details.
Assuming that this wiki is all-inclusive of any Guild Wars 2 info, or that it follows the conventions of other wikis
This wiki has its own practices and processes and formatting guidelines.
Believing that this site directly represents ArenaNet
While ArenaNet owns and administers the servers that host Guild Wars 2 Wiki, the wiki itself is run by the volunteer community of Guild Wars 2 fans who edit here.
Assuming control of submitted content, or creating personal pages in the wrong place
Any submitted content can be modified by other contributors (through GFDL license or ArenaNet/NCsoft copyright).

Finding something to help with[edit]

  • As a relatively new wiki, we are still missing some articles. If you find a subject that needs an article, you can add some basic information and create it (it doesn't have to be complete!). See the list of wanted pages for pages that are linked to, but have not yet been created.
  • Articles that are in need of fixing to conform to the formatting guides can be found at Category:Cleanup.
  • Some articles have only basic information and need to be filled out -- these are known as "stubs". To find and help with these, look through Category:Stubs.
  • To join or start a focused effort on improving specific areas of the wiki, see Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Projects.
  • Some users like to browse pages at random to find articles to improve. Use the "Random page" link in the side navigation box.

See also[edit]

Other languages[edit]

There are three other official wikis where you can help:

Name Language
Guild Wars 2 Offizielles Wiki German
Guild Wars 2 Wiki Officiel French
Guild Wars 2 Wiki Oficial Spanish