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Bought the big pre-order package, found I didn't like that GW2 plays nothing like GW1 and stopped playing after reaching Level 80.

Now, a few years later, after playing The Secret World, and then Secret World Legends, I returned, finally able to think of GW2 a game that merely shares the name with GW1. Still not sure if I like the new combat, though IMO the action cam actually helps :-) (It's similar to the way SWL works, and I like the combat there.)

I usually don't try to be rude[edit]

If it appears that I am, I'm probably angry about something at the time and didn't think of rewriting it another time (I usually rewrite everything at least once). Doesn't make it any better, it's just an explanation.

I am somewhat clueless at times, though[edit]

so it's likely I'm asking questions that appear to be stupid.

New Name[edit]

My signature now says "Rejutka", since I changed the name of my main as well. Still not an original name (taken from the comic figure Rejutka Lupex, who I don't think of possessing anything worthwhile, apart from his name and maybe abilities), but at least somewhat more rare than "Cyberman" :-) On the old Wiki I'm still Cyberman Mastermind [1] though.