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Demo gameplay with necro and guardian on a xbox 360 gamepad :

Here is my solution how you can play Guild Wars 2 with your xbox360/ps3 or similar gamepad! Sadly the solution is not based on freeware, but you can test it for 30 days and from my point of view even just a month worth the setup and I'm sure you won't be disappointed - just maybe after the 30 days..! ;-)

If someone like to attach an alternative (free) solution or anything else regarding gamepad <=> gw2 feel free to edit and be my guest!

There is also a section where I will collect alternativ solutions.


PS3 Gamepad Only[edit]

Pinnacle Game Profiler[edit]

Mighty's GW2 Profile[edit]

  • Click here to download the Guild Wars 2 Profile
    • Current Version: 2.0 October 19 2014 (Screenshot NOT reflecting current version, see "Changelog 1.9") Changelog
  • In PGP main windows select "Game Profiles" -> "Import" -> select the profile -> "Create a new profile..." -> verify your controller is listed and finish. You may also adjust the path to the "gw2.exe".

Guild Wars 2 Settings[edit]


In addition to the default settings I suggest to

  • Deactivate "Double-Tap to Evade"
  • Activate "Auto Loot"
  • Activate "Show All Enemy Names"
  • Activate "Use Free Camera" (Unlock mouseview, press left stick and rotate camera to cast behind you. A.e. if you run away in pvp/wvw or want to kite)
  • I suggest a "Camera Rotation Speed" between 0% and 50%. (Right now I use 50% myself)
  • You should consider to experiment with the stop auto attack on target change, the auto target settings and the "Lock Auto Target" toggle key which is mapped by the profile.
  • Under Graphics switch to "Small UI"

Keyboard <=> Profile[edit]

This keys are not mapped to a default key by arenanet, but are used in the profile and should be mapped anyway! Rest as set by default.

Movement > Walk                         Insert
Movement > About Face                   End
Targeting > Nearest Enemy               C
Targeting > Nearest Ally                L
Targeting > Next Ally                   X
Targeting > Lock Auto Target            ;             [Semicolon]        [Qwertz: Ü]
User Interface > Mail                   4 (numpad)
Camera > Look Behind                    Home                             [Qwertz: Pos1]
Action > Stow/Draw Weapons              .             [Period]
Targeting > Show Friendly Names         1 (numpad)    [In addition/alternative to the default mapping (Left CTRL) to prevent some issues]
Targeting > Show Enemy Names            2 (numpad)    [In addition/alternative to the default mapping (Left Alt) to prevent some issues]
Misc > Town Cloth Toggle                5 (numpad)
Misc > AoE Loot                         6 (numpad)

Mighty's GW2 Profile[edit]


  • The profile is made for a resolution of 1920x1080 and small UI size.
  • If you want to change anything have a look on the "How to modify" section below - if not don't read that section.
    • You may need to change joystick sensitivity according to your wishes. But keep in mind this will also affect AoE positioning.
    • This is just a basic layout. As example if you play necromancer, it could be worth to have death shroud (F1) on dpad. Unshifted dpad is a good point to add some functionality for your needs.
  • You need a keyboard - you cannot play a mmo without. Voice chat toggle/push-to-talk is mapped to 3 on NUMPAD and triggered by pressing dodge button just a little bit (numpad 9 is mapped to XBox Button, as alternative PTT) See "How to modify" to change.
  • You should also have a mouse for the UI interaction next to you.
  • Sometimes PGP misplace the mouse cursor probably issued by the luncher or maximizing a window. So if you own a keyboard or mouse where you can map a button to execute the batch file or even map it in the profile itself and it will kill and restart PGP for you... See how to modifiy and then adjust the path of the command wich is by default mapped to R1+Start. Click here to download restart_pgp.bat

How to play[edit]

  • Zoom out as far as possible before/in a fight, especially for AoEs.
    • You gain access to your skills by holding L1 or R1 down.
    • You can always dodge [R2], (de)activate mouse/camera view [R3] and move your body and the camera with the sticks.
    • Call AoE by pressing the skill combo twice. Like L1+X -> move the AoE in place while "mouse view" mode is active -> L1+X again OR you could also activate the skill as example L1+X -> release X, but keep L1 hold -> move with left/right stick -> press left stick down to execute (so you dont have to release camera movement twice)
      • Mouse View [R3] will always place the mouse pointer a little bit above the center of the screen. Thus the AoEs are always at exactly the same position / pixel.
    • If Mouse View is off (mouse cursor visible) you can left-mouse click with the left stick down [L3]. If Mouse View is on you can call a target with [L3].
    • There are three different right-joystick sensitivities in the profile:
      • If the Mouse view is off (you can see you cursor) the joystick sensitivity is horizontal 50 and vertical 50.
      • If the Mouse view is on (you cannot see the cursor) the joystick sensitivity is horizontal 50 and vertical 37.
      • If you press L1 or R1 the joystick sensitivity is horizontal 45 and vertical 30. (That way you can place your AoE more precise.)
      • All values are conservative and need further testing as also depend on personal preferences. You can easily change it - see how to modify!
    • The panel cycle commands (L2+DPad) break the mouse view, so you do not need to deactivate it manually before. The cycle pointer is reseted each time you activate mouse view.
      • E.g. it is pretty common to swap utility skill between fights. So you press [L2 + DPad-Right] to cycle through the utility skills without beeing forced to move the mouse. You only need to move the mouse by hand when you reach the utility slot you want to change.
    • If the controller vibrates you have activated a hold-key-down command. A.e. hold and keep the right mouse button down. Also the previous enemy, call target and select call target commands have vibration feedback.
    • To drag and drop, rotate the camera, left click, double left click use [L2 + R2] when Mouse View [R3] is off.
You should print the screenshots for quick reference and read the Legend - as also sit down and make some dry exercise a.e. with a "text editor" ;-)
It will take some time to get into it, especially since you have not made the profile on your own - just do not give up after half an hour....
Good luck!

How to modify[edit]

  • If you are unhappy with anything it is very easy to adjust anything you want - really!
  • To adjust the profile select "Game Profiles" from PGP main window -> select the profile -> select "Edit Configurations..." and...
    • on the left side you have a list of configurations. By default PvX and UI. You can right-click on one of them and then easily duplicate them as also select a default.
    • on the top there is the "Toolbox", that is where you define all the different kind of commands. On the right of "Toolbox" are the "Shift Modes".
    • around the xbox controler image you can assign the commands which you have defined in the step before. Just hover with your mouse around (over the labels/text) and click on one of them to find out more.
    • X,Y coordinates can be adjusted under "Commands", since their are no global variables you have to change every single command that modify the mouse position... (Unfortunately, this also applies to some other functions.) - Please share your resolutions right here with the community!
  • To change joystick acceleration select "Preferences" -> "Command" from the PGP main window.
  • To change right joystick sensitiv :
    • mouse view [R3] (on) ---------- x 50 y 37 ------ {To change : "Setup Joystick..." button}
    • mouse view [R3] (off) --------- x 50 y 50 ------ {To change : "Mouse > Camera View (Toggle (Off))" command}
    • L1 or R1 pressed (AoE-aim) ---- x 45 y 30 ------ {To change : "Misc > <----AoE-aim------}" command}



Left Mouse Button
Right Mouse Button
Executes the AoE with active mouse view. That means release right mouse button, click left mouse button, press and hold right mouse button again.
180° MV
Executes a turn around with active mouse view. That means release right mouse button, turn around, press and hold right mouse button again.
Select the current called target
A button where is more than one command mapped to.
If there is no space before and after "/" it is one single command.
LMB//Call Target
If Mouse View is off (mouse cursor visible) you can left-mouse click with the left stick down [L3]. If Mouse View is on you can call a target.
This command will slow down the mouse/camera movement to improve AoE placement.
If you press R2-Trigger till the maximum (95%-100%) you will dodge. If you slightly hold the trigger between 5%-95% the button 3 on numpad is pressed for push-to-talk (This may not work so good with PS3 pads, but xbox pad trigger is fine from my personal experience)
Execute restart_pgp
This will execute the batch file restart_pgp.bat to enable automatic exit and restart of PGP. Especially if the mouse cursor is not placed correctly on the screens center by PGP you can download the restart_pgp.bat from "3.1 General" (see above) and then adjust the command to the path where you downloaded the restart_pgp.bat to and speed up PGP problem solving...
Blue cycle arrows
Cycle commands are a set of many commands, which are rotated.
Green arrow down
These button are mapped to double commands. Press or Hold the button executes different commands. Also some of the sub commands are again cycle commands...
There is one exception: In L2 shift mode "LMB / Shift LMB (Item2Chat)" and "RMB / Alt RMB (Waypoint2Map)" are no press and hold commands, they are press once or press twice (fast) commands!
Green arrow with a colored bubble
Shift commands swap the hole mapping of the controller as long as the button is kept pressed.
{your command here}
Right now I do not know anything that would make sense at this position for any case. This is just a basic profile and you really should adjust it as you need it. So there is the point to start. To assign a command just click with your mouse on {your command here}. Read the "How to modify" section to learn more.


User Mighty PvX.png

Alternative GW2 Profiles[edit]



  • Click here to visits his forum post.
  • This profile focus on pure gameplay and leaves everything else apart, so you need a mouse at least. Also it use a total different approach/mapping than my profile. So if you are looking for a PGP alternative - start here!

Mighty's RC3 for PGP 6.3.3[edit]

Click here to download Mighty's GW2 Profile version RC3 - the last PGP 6.3.3 compatible version



Click here to visit his forum post.



Click here to visits his wiki page.


Click here to visit his Google Docs page. Click here to visit his reddit post.


Click here to visit his reddit post.


Click here to visit his reddit post.


Click here to visit his reddit post.


Click here to visit his Guild Wars 2 Tera Style Blog post.


Spent a good amount of time setting up my PS3 controller for GW2 and I have to say I really like it. Still need the KB & mouse to navigate menus and such but everything else can be done on the gamepad. You'll need to install MotionInJoy DualShock3/SixAxis drivers and run it in the "DX-Default" (make sure to disable the tilt sensor input is you are using a SixAxis) PlayStation 3 setting, then just load this profile onto Xpadder. I hope some of you like it, and if you think there are some improvements to be made please let me know (in game) as I would really would like to try them.

EDIT: I am now using my Xpadder setup along with Combat Mod 1.0 by pvpproject. My setup is unchanged, except that now D-Pad Up toggles Combat Mod On/Off. For more information visit:

  • Left Stick : Character Movement
  • Click Left Stick: Loot/Interact/"F"
  • Right Stick Camera Mouse
  • Click Right Stick: Toggle between pointer and camera control
  • Select: Esc
  • Start: Auto Run
  • D-Pad Left: F1
  • D-Pad Down: F2
  • D-Pad Right: F3
  • D-Pad Up: Combat Mod On/Off
  • L2: Dodge (dodge backwards by default, move in a direction + dodge to dodge in specific direction

Default Set:

  • [] = 1
  • /\ = 2
  • O = 3
  • L1 = 4
  • R1 = 5
  • R2 =Toggles Set 2 while held

Set 2:

  • [] = 6
  • /\ = 7
  • O = 8
  • L1 = 9
  • R1 = 0

Direct Xpadder profile download: