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Leif Chappelle has been at ArenaNet for nearly a year and a half, donning first the hat of QA, then that of the content design team. While he originally rolled as the Composer profession with a bachelor's degree to match, his decision to dual class as a Game Designer now leaves him dreaming of complex scripting conditions peppered with elaborate soundtracks. As the former, he has written music for several small PC games, podcast intros, and Seattle’s modern dance community. Not content to let an imaginary profession system hold him down, Leif also enjoys writing words, and is currently putting the finishing touches on his first novel.

ArenaNet blog

Leif Chappelle has been involved in the creation of video games for nearly six years. Among the assumed roles have been “guy who prevents your game from coming out” (certification tester), “guy who hopefully helps you improve things” (quality assurance), “guy that makes cool stuff” (designer) and “dunno, I think he does music” (composer).

Leif has worked for Nintendo, Microsoft, WB Games, and ArenaNet, witnessing all stages of game production: from initial conception, to design and implementation, to QA, to final cert. At ArenaNet, specifically, he was involved with the design of Guild Wars 2's personal story, numerous in-game cinematics, and continues to invent various death traps to fling players through.

While Leif graduated from Cornish College of the Arts as a Bachelor of Music, he has managed to use his compositional powers only for the good of mankind. His music can be heard in The Operational Art of War III, which you’ve likely never heard of. Thankfully, it can also be heard in Guild Wars 2, the intro of 1up.com’s podcast Active Time Babble, and quite soon in an interactive whiteboard game (they’re all the rage) for music education, titled Music Madness. Leif expects to be completing the soundtrack for DoubleBear Productions’ Dead State in late 2013.

In his copious free time, Leif also writes fiction. His first novel, City of Tigers, is on the verge of completion. His music can be found on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and his studio’s website: Woodland Alien Music.

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