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Lena Chappelle has always been fond of telling stories, from rambling into a tape recorder at a young age, to failing a middle school writing assignment for including aliens. These stories have manifested in songs, poetry, chamber music, video games, and more.

While education at Cornish College of the Arts focused on music composition, Lena has mostly used these powers for good: accompaniments for dance choreographers, classroom education software, video games and more. Most notable are her contributions to critically-acclaimed PC game Guild Wars 2 as a designer and composer.

She is the author of City of Tigers, the first book in a new fantasy series Under the Sunstone. Her second novel, a sci-fi coming-of-age story, is currently in the works.

— ArenaNet blog

Lena Chappelle has been at ArenaNet for nearly a year and a half, donning first the hat of QA, then that of the content design team. While she originally rolled as the Composer profession with a bachelor's degree to match, her decision to dual class as a Game Designer now leaves her dreaming of complex scripting conditions peppered with elaborate soundtracks. As the former, she has written music for several small PC games, podcast intros, and Seattle’s modern dance community.

Lena is openly transgender; players may be familiar with her through her previous name, Leif Chappelle. Her soundtrack work can be found on her soundcloud page.