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Warning Warning: This widget no longer functions with the removal of the javascript portion.


This widget displays trading post price information for items. To use, place the widget anywhere on the page, and annotate elements (e.g. a span) like this:

<span class="gw2-tpprice" data-id="<item-id>">…</span>
<span class="gw2-tpprice" data-id="<item-id>" data-info="<info-type>">…</span>

The content will then be replaced by trading post information. The data-info value determines what kind of data will be shown:

  • data-info="buy" will show the highest buy order, and display the amount of ordered items in the title text.
  • data-info="sell" will show the lowest sell offer, and display the amount of listed items in the title text.
  • For all other values (or none), the lowest sell offer will be displayed, and both the sell offer and buy order will be displayed in the title text.
  • Only supports up to 200 items per page.