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Ambient dialogue at Western Ward from past Living World releases can be found here.

Ambient dialogue[edit]

After the Reconstruction of Lion's Arch[edit]

Captain Ellen Kiel: Please tell me we have customs inspectors down at the docks by now.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: I've done what little I can, but you know our ranks are worn thin.
Captain Ellen Kiel: I don't care how you do it, but we need that port secured.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: (sigh) I'm on your side, Ellen. Just give us time—we'll get things shipshape.

During Reconstruction of Lion's Arch[edit]

Casual Observer: Hard to believe the old city is pretty much gone.
Casual Observer: It was too old-fashioned for my tastes. I hope the new construction is more modern.
Casual Observer: Whatever they do, I hope they don't abandon the nautical theme.

Before Lion's Arch Reborn[edit]

Worker (1): I want ale.
Worker (2): Who doesn't?
Worker (1): Maybe those norn are onto something.
Local (1): Did you go out drinking last night?
Local (2): Oh, yeah.
Local (1): I didn't hear you come home.
Local (2): I didn't.
Citizen: This city runs on cash, and I don't have any.
Lionguard: You've got choices: work, fight, or beg.
Citizen: Yeah, well...none of those really suit me.
Lionguard: Wow. Too lazy, cowardly, and proud to make money. Your future's so bright I'm squinting.
Scholar: I spent a few years in the Lionguard.
Citizen: Why'd you leave?
Scholar: I didn't like the violence-to-profit ratio.
Citizen (skritt 1): You know, you were supposed to meet me at the market yesterday.
Citizen (skritt 2): Which one? The one above? Or the one below?
Citizen (skritt 1): I don't go to the one below. And neither do you!
Citizen (skritt 2): Oh, right! I was...uh...getting my lice treated.
Citizen (skritt 1): No more sewers for you, buddy.
Citizen (skritt 2): Right! There are no sewers! Only secrets.
[A human Citizen approaches a closed door.]
Citizen (human): It's me again!
Citizen (human): Won't you come out and talk to me, my sweet?
Citizen (human): Come kiss me good-bye, my darling!
Citizen (human): I'll probably die out there!
[An asura Citizen comes to the door.]
Citizen (human): My love! Why do you treat me with such disregard?
Citizen (asura): Go away.
Citizen (human): You looked taller in the pub last night.
Citizen (asura): You're at the wrong address, you idiot.
Citizen (human): Tomorrow I'm going to redecorate my room.
Citizen (norn): Why? What's wrong with a wood pallet to sleep on? That's what I have, and I'm perfectly happy.
Bartender: Remember Yakkington?
Patron: Yeah?
Bartender: When I went to the bazaar, I saw a dolyak for sale, descended directly from the professor himself!
Patron: Oh, that would be amazing.

Before Escape from Lion's Arch[edit]

[A human citizen and his quaggan assistant approach the Crow's Nest.]
Citizen (human): Come along. I won't be late again. I pay you well enough. You should try to keep up.
Citizen (quaggan): Quaggan is sorry, sir.
[They enter the tavern.]
Citizen (human): Did you remember to bring my other pair of gloves?
Citizen (quaggan): You didn't ask for them, sir. Quaggan will go back.
Citizen (human): No, never mind. I'll just have to do without.
Boss: Bouncer! We're expecting a heavy crowd tonight. You and your boyfriend ready?
Bouncer (asura): My golem is a precision instrument. One word from me and you're mashed potatoes. Golem on.
Bouncer (golem): (whirrrr)
Patron (1): My uncle thinks he can buy his way into the council.
Patron (2): Oh, really? Why does he think that?
Patron (1): Money, pure and simple. His guild looted a pirate ship, and now they're rolling in cash.
Patron (1): Seen any?
Patron (2): Any what?
Patron (1): Any pirates. Seen any?
Patron (2): Um, no.
Patron: Are you a master mixologist? Can you mix me up a Sparkfly Fenblaster?
Bartender: I'm a bartender. I serve liquor, not swamp water.
Patron: My order is indeed an alcoholic beverage. Shall I show you how to mix it?
Bartender: Take one step behind my bar, and I'll give you a Hoelbrak Hammer.
Birthday Girl's night out
Reveler (1): Woo hoo! I've heard asura make insanely delicious drinks!
Reveler (2): Hey, bartender! Where's the bartender?
Bartender: I'm the bartender!
Reveler (2): It's my birthday, and I want the fanciest drink you make.
Bartender: I've got just the thing.
Reveler (2): What is it? Will I like it?
Bartender: It's a birthday surprise. You'll like it.
Adventurer: Did you just give them glasses of ale with tiny umbrellas in them?
Bartender: And a splash of tomato juice.
Reveler (2): These are delicious! What do you call them?
Bartender: A Bloody Shame.
Reveler (1): Ooh! Sun's coming up! No more pretty!
Adventurer: It's a long walk home.
Reveler (3): She's going to have to crawl home.
Reveler (2): Another round! I'm (hiccup) not tired yet!
Reveler (3): (laugh) Save it for next time, birthday girl.
Reveler (1): (laugh)
Adventurer: (laugh)