Volunteer's Blessing

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Volunteer's Blessing

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Movement speed increased by 15% (PvE Only)
Karma gain increased by 5%
Experience from kills increased by 10%

— In-game description

Volunteer's Blessing is a reward for volunteering to switch to a more populated map when the current instance is being cleared out.


The instance reload icon

The following message appears on the left of the screen when an instance begins to close:

There are few players remaining on this map. Would you like to move to a more populated version of this same map?

You have 59 m, 59 s to volunteer before the map closes.

Volunteer reward: Volunteer's Blessing.png

— In-game popup

Players have one hour to choose to volunteer (and get the bonus). One can close the dialogue box by choosing Later; to choose to volunteer later, click on the circular icon near the lower right corner of the screen. If the player volunteers, the bonus lasts for 10 minutes. For those who remain on that map, there are two possibilities:

  • Typically, the map will still close in one hour, all remaining players will be moved to another map, and they will not get the bonus.
  • In some cases, the map will become populated enough that it does not need to close. In which case, players will lose the opportunity to volunteer to move.


  • The effect will not stack with itself and will not always be renewed or granted again to a character that already has it.