Verarium Delves (mini-dungeon)

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Verarium Delves


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The Verarium Delves are a Mini-dungeon within Sparkfly Fen. This short puzzle features some climbing and a few jumps.

Getting there[edit]

From the Western Orvanic Shore Vista, continue West along the right cliff side, down to the plateau with boars, and to another cave entrance hidden behind foliage.


  1. After entering the cave, go straight up the stairs and then jump to the middle section of the room (you may need a speed boost).
  2. Go to the left side of the cave and hop onto the short boulder to get to the leftmost pillar.
  3. Continue onto the smooth brown rock face and run to the very top. Turn right to get on top of the building.
    1. Another path leads to the left, but it goes nowhere of interest.
  4. Turn toward the jp entrance and hop on top of the short wall on the edge of the top of the building. Jump down to the leftmost of the cluster of 3 middle pillars.
  5. Turn around again and hop into the hole of the wall you just jumped down from. Try to land on the ledge of the hole in the wall.
    1. If you jump beyond the ledge into the room, just climb up the rubble to get back atop the ledge.
  6. Facing roughly south (or turn left), you will see the top half of a humanoid skeleton. This marks the beginning of the small room that contains the chest. Walk along the ledge and then jump through the hole in the wall into the small room.