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Normal gw2logo.jpg Intro

Hey! It's me, Xerir. I love Guild Wars...Do you love Guild Wars? I bet you do! Otherwise you wouldn't be here at this website, reading about GW2, right? Right. OK, so this is my User Page. Leave me any messages you feel like leaving on my talk page. Alright, alright, enough with the chit-chat, check this place out. Uhhh...More stuff coming soon.

User Cjad the Nord Guildwars wallpaper underworld-800.jpg My Place in Guild Wars 2

I shall camp out in front of a store, the one closest to my home, just like with the first Guild Wars. I will be proud to participate in every holiday event there will be! The characters I will have here shall be my best ever. I'll make one of each race, unless it limits me to 4 again, then I'll cut out Sylvari. I also plan to work on this wiki as much as on the other. You can now go back to the first Guild Wars wiki at this link: [1]

Dragon 01 concept art (Destroyer Dragon).jpgWhere I Got Most of My Stuff for This Userpage

I have copied all the codes and everything from my original userpage at [2].

User Xerir Palawa Joko.jpg GW2 Goals

  • Really? I just plan to have as much fun as I did in Guild Wars 1. Which might be hard to replicate.