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Thon Ghul/User Infobox
N/A It is unknown if this user does PvE or PvP.

Usage (General)[edit]

  • This box contains information about you as a USER not about one of your characters
  • Unlike other infoboxes you are not forced to use this box on your private userpage. You can if you like to but you don't have to. This is because - unlike public content - you can do whatever you want with your userpage, there are no strict guidelines for your personal user space. But still, if you want to have this box on your userpage feel free to use it

Usage & Parameters[edit]

Typical usage:

{{User infobox
| center         = Optional. Set to "y" when the box should be centered, not shown
                             on the right side of the page, otherwise leave empty. 
                             (note that if the box is centered you can not write
                             any information to its right and left)
| playing        = Optional. Can be pve, pvp, pvx, rp or rp_pvp depending
                             on whether you play pve, pvp, pve&pvp,
                             roleplaying or roleplaying&pvp
| location       = Optional. The country you are from (Italy, France, ...)
| age            = Optional. Your age in years
| server         = Optional. The server you are playing on. For example 
                             Europe or America
| played_months  = Optional. The months your account exists. You can check 
                             this information ingame by typing /age into the chat
| played         = Optional. Hours you played your account. You can check this 
                             information ingame by typing /age into the chat.
                             To be shown you also have to pass played_months
                             to the template. Please don't update this daily, 
                             just every few weeks
| campaign_proph = Optional. There are also campaign_fac, campaign_nf and 
                             campaign_en. When you own a campaign fill 
                             the parameter with "y", otherwise leave it empty.
                             You should mark at least one campaign as "owned". 
                             Set campaign_en to "y" when you are planning to buy
                             Eye of the North.
| guild          = Optional. Name of your guild (without tag)
| guild2         = Optional. (More than 1 account)
| alliance       = Optional. k for Kurzick, l for Luxon
| title          = Optional. The best title you archieved ingame. Please write down 
                             only ONE title, probably the one you show ingame
| favprof        = Optional. Your favorite profession in the game, can be the 
                             short form (rt) or the long form (ritualist). Just keep
                             it lowercase here to make sure it works
| favcamp        = Optional. Your favorite campaign. For example "Prophecies"
| favskill       = Optional. Your favorite skill in the game. For example "Frenzy"
| favskill_prof  = Optional. The profession your favorite skill belongs to. Please
                             use short form here ("w", "n", ...) for skills linked 
                             to professions or use "any" for common and title-linked 
                             skills. Needed if you want to show the "Favorite 
| userboxes      = Optional. If you want to show userboxes set this to "y" 
                             (See Category:User_templates for further information)


This is just a fictional example how this template could be used on your userpage:

{{User infobox
| center = y
| playing = pvx
| location = U.S.
| age = Undetermined
| server = America
| played_months = 17
| played = 1100
| campaign_proph = y
| campaign_fac = y
| campaign_en = y
| alliance = k
| favskill = Frenzy
| favskill_prof = w
| userboxes = y

This would result in the following userbox:

Thon Ghul

PvX This user plays PvE and PvP.
Undetermined years old
1100 hours in 48 month(s)
Favorite Skill
Warrior tango icon 20px.png Frenzy
Guilt This user has spent 1100 hours in GW2 in 48 months (0.8 h/day).
Frenzy (warrior skill).png Frenzy (warrior skill) is Thon Ghul/User Infobox's favorite skill.