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Very brief downtime at 4PM (Pacific Time) - February 22, 2013[edit]

A quick note that we're going to restart the wiki servers this afternoon at 4PM (Pacific Time; that's 12AM GMT and 1AM CET). This is to fix a small configuration issue on the servers and should only make the wikis unavailable for a few minutes (hopefully less than one as it's a quick fix). The expected impact is minimal as pages may be unavailable and edits may not be saved during that brief window.

I'm also opening the floor (i.e., my talk page) for suggestions about the best way to relay these update informations. Once the Global changelog page, this could be an option. Another one would be to modify the wiki's site notice, but I'm not sure if the community feels it's impinging on its space or if it's too disruptive? Let me know your thoughts, opinions and ideas!