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Why play Guild Wars 2 ?

This is probably the most important question to ask, and there is no clear answer. What is the goal of this game ? All depends on what attracts the player, i.e. what attracts you. Is it Curiosity for the game ? Appetite for challenge ? Attraction to online community ? Thrill of completion ? The feeling of power that games bring ? A mix of all this ? Some jumping puzzles also offer interesting enigmas, though there are games more suited for that. All in all, be it personal story, discovery of lore, exploration, PvP competition, PvE cooperation, or collection (of miniatures, skins, etc.), the activities you will do actually depend on your own answer to this question, even if you haven't expressed it yet.

How to win in Guild Wars ?

Now most of the time, you'll encounter foes (or opposing players in PvP), which you must kill in order to get what you want. Killing foes is an unavoidable feature (unless you plan to only trade or chill around talking with people, in which case you don't really need a guide).

If we consider only PvE and dungeons, you will encounter different types of hostile creatures whose sole purpose is to kill you. Against them, you only have but two choices : escape them or block them so that they let you pass unhindered (faster and easier when exploring or doing jumping puzzles), or kill them - before they kill you. In this section I will focus on the second part, which is the most difficult one : "Kill before getting killed". The formula has two parts : "kill" and "not getting killed"="survive". Those two parts are not independent, but have a common feature which is "control", part of the first or second part depending on the situation.

General condition of winning : Kill before getting killed[edit]


Direct Damage[edit]

Damage done = (Critical hit factor)*(Weapon strength) * Power * (skill-specific coefficient) / (target's Armor)

The critical hit factor is meant to reflect 4% of hits (by default), which deal at least 150% of the normal damage. Precision governs the frequency of critical hits while Ferocity increase even further their damage. As a result :

Average damage done = (1+(4+DPrecision/21)*(250+Ferocity/15)/10000)*(Weapon strength) * Power * (skill-specific coefficient) / (target's Armor)

With DPrecision being the additional Precision of the character, i.e. substracting the 1000 base precision at level 80. To increase one's damage, we can play on those parameters : Weapon strength and skills (both depends on the weapon), Power, Ferocity, Precision and target's Armor.

Weapon Strength[edit]

Listed on the weapon's tooltip. The higher the quality (and level) of the weapon, the higher its Weapon Strength.

Weapon strength is determined with a random (uniform distribution) number in a range min - max of the weapon stats and depends on the weapon associated with the skill. Utility and Elite skills are not affected by weapon strength. The weapon strength is fixed for the duration of the skill, in particular pulsing aoes and channeled skills.

For a details of weapon strengths, see below (section User:Ruine_Eternelle/Game_analysis#Application in the game: Professions (and races)). Weapon strength is approximatively 1000, with as low as 900 and as high as 1150 on average.

For the same level requirement, strength improves with the grade of weapon rarity.

Rarity Strength (level 80 sword
stats used for comparison)
Increase (above
prior rarity)
Attributes (Berserker) Increase (above
prior rarity)
BBasic 551 – 609 n/a 54 Power, 52 Precision, 52 Ferocity n/a
CFine 690 – 762 25% 91 Power, 65 Precision, 65 Ferocity 40%
DMasterwork 745 – 823 8% 98 Power, 70 Precision, 70 Ferocity 7.7%
ERare 802 – 886 7.65% 106 Power, 75 Precision, 75 Ferocity 7.5%
FExotic 905 – 1000 12.85% 120 Power, 85 Precision, 85 Ferocity 13.3%
GAscended 950 – 1050 5% * 125 Power, 90 Precision, 90 Ferocity 5.2% *
HLegendary 950 – 1050 0% * 125 Power, 90 Precision, 90 Ferocity 0% *

(*) Before infusion.


At level 80, all professions have a base 1000 power. In almost all cases, raising power is the most efficient way to increase direct damage. Might increases power (at level 80, 30/stack, up to 25 stacks which is 750).


Ferocity.png Ferocity increases damage from critical hits. At level 80, every 15 points of ferocity adds 1% to the character's critical damage.

Utility skills that increases Ferocity are :

Traits that increase Ferocity are :


Precision.png Precision increases the chance to land critical hits. At level 80, the formula relating Precision to Critical Chance is : Critical Chance = (Precision - 916) / 21

In other words, Critical Chance increases by 1% for every 21 Precision. Since the minimum value of Precision at level 80 is 1000, this means the minimum Critical Chance at level 80 is 4.0%. It also follows that 3016 precision is enough to reach the cap of 100% crit chance. This does not take into account flat critical chance effects such as fury and Sigil of Accuracy.

Utility skills that increase precision are :

Traits that increase precision are :

Target's Armor[edit]

Vulnerability increases direct damage on a target ( 1% for each stack, up to a maximum of 25 times ~ 25%).


Conditions deal fixed (armor-ignoring) damage over time. The damage is proportional to the number of times the condition has been applied (the damage stacks), is increased by a stat called Condition Damage, and lasts depending on the Condition Duration stat. Conditions are often inflicted on hit, meaning there is also pure damage involved.

Condition Damage[edit]

Condition Damage.png Condition Damage is a secondary attribute that improves the damage dealt by conditions your character inflicts. Condition damage will update per tick according to the source character's stats. The boon might increases condition damage.

Skills that increase condition damage :

Traits that increase condition damage :

Condition duration[edit]

Condition Duration.pngCondition Duration is a secondary attribute that improves the duration of all conditions inflicted by the character, including self-inflicted conditions. Every 15 points of Expertise seems to add 1% to condition duration.

Skills that increase condition duration are :

Traits that increase condition duration are (To see the traits which relate to a specific condition, refer to the page on that condition. The following is a list of traits related to non-specific conditions) :

Available conditions[edit]

Conditions and their damage per second at level 80:

Condition Damage
Bleeding.png Bleeding 22 + 0,06 * Condition Damage
Poisoned.png Poison 33.5 + 0.06 * Condition Damage
Burning.png Burning 131,5 + 0,155 * Condition Damage
Confusion.png Confusion 10 + 0.035 * Condition Damage (also deals 49,5+0.0625 * Condition Damage per skill the target uses)
Fear.png Fear 296+0,27 * Condition Damage (+148+0,13*Condition Damage if target is suffering from another condition)
Torment.png Torment 15.9+ 0.045 * Condition Damage (x2 if target is moving)
Chilled.png Chilled 194 + 0,16 * Condition Damage (+ 96 + 0,08 * Condition Damage if target's health is below 50%)

Bleeding is very frequent.

Poison is frequent. It reduces healing's effectiveness by 33%.

Burning is frequent.

Torment is rare. Synergy with Fear and movement-control to cause the foe to move.

Fear only deals damage under the effect of Terror, a trait belonging to the necromancer. Is not always reliable, because a lot of foes (all champion and legendary foes) carry defiant. Doesn't stack

Chill only deals damage when using Deathly Chill, a trait belonging to the necromancer. Doesn't stack.

A cure skill will remove all stacks of any damage-dealing condition + some foes are immune to certain conditions, making builds relying on one specific condition sometimes inefficient.


Reducing incoming damage[edit]


Totals Ascended
Light Medium Heavy
967 1118 1271

Defense (also called defense rating) is a value listed on armor and shields. Defense adds together with Toughness to give the Armor attribute, which reduces incoming direct damage.

Other effects which reduce damage[edit]

Healing incoming damage[edit]


Every character has a healing skill, which is (according to the Healing page) "the most important source of healing". The Healing Power attribute directly increases linearly the effectiveness of most outgoing and self-healing. The regeneration boon, while not counting as "healing" in terms of other effects (e.g. Sigil of Benevolence), replenishes health over time. Each point of Healing Power adds 0.125 healing for Regeneration and 0.06 healing for Rejuvenation. The Poisoned.png Poison and Agony.png Agony conditions causes healing to be respectively 33% and ~50% less effective (the poison note can go to the Kill section), as well as the Mistlock Instability Social Awkwardness.png Mistlock Instability: Social Awkwardness.

Total healing done = (mechanic-specific base healing) + (Healing Power) * (mechanic-specific coefficient)

It seems like the most appropriate professions for party-wide healing are guardian (with Virtue of Resolve primarly, but also honor and to a lesser extent valor and zeal), Water Magic elementalist, Med Kit engineer. Ranger has some skills and Spirit of Nature, the Druid specialization probably will be more focused around healing. Professions with a good self-healing seems to be necromancers (due to lifesteal) and thieves.

Refer to the Healing page for more

Life stealing skills[edit]

Again, refer to the appropriate page. Life stealing is mainly a necromancer mechanism, and rather an undevelopped one since less than 10 skills and traits are concerned

Curing conditions[edit]

See Condition#Related skills for a complete list of condition removal skills. Each profession has access to traits and skills to remove conditions.

Position control[edit]

Those effects do not deal damage on their own nor do they heal or cure, but allow one to either attack a fleeing foe or escape a threat. Not all are effective against all opponents, since some foes carry Defiant. Most can be used during jumping puzzles or panorama reaching. Please note that hit and run strategies are useless : foes recover all their health extremely quickly (+100pips of health regeneration or so) if their attacker leaves the area.

Teleport (and Shadow step)[edit]

Mesmers and Assassins have an edge over other classes due to their ability to instantly cover distances without getting hindered. Mesmers also have the ability to create portals (if working with a team or to shorten fails).

Speed Boosts and Snares[edit]

Speed boost can allow to catch a fleeing opponent (such as those affected by fear) or escape foes. As said above, Warhorns always have a speed boost skill, which make them one of the most interesting weapons for that purpose.

Snares such as Slow, Immobile, Crippled, Chill, Stun can likewise be used for offense or defense.

Knock downs, daze and gravity[edit]

Knockback, Launch can be used to hinder a foe on a rampage (useful for defense mainly, but also if your weapon deals more damage at high range), while Pull and Taunt can prevent a foe from moving away and/or closening the distance between a foe and you (useful for offense). Float and Sink depends on your position and are underwater anyway.

Daze and Knockdown can prevent a foe from using any skill, be it for defense or offense.

Application in the game: Professions (and races)[edit]

Racial skills seems not to be used.

No skill is common to two professions. Professions each have their own way of being played and their own weapon skills sets. This includes the profession mechanic (actually additional skills that can be used with the 10 skills already available), the specializations (one of which is kind of a primary specialization since it boosts profession mechanic skills) roughly like the primary attribute and primary skills in Guild Wars). An elite specialization is also available for those having HoT, powering up the game mechanism and allowing to use a new weapon if one invests in it.

About defensive/offensive strategies in Guild Wars 2 : most skills are meant for offense. A few skills provide healing, and even fewer provide AoE healing, while few skills provide damage reduction, all the while being not enough to outheal most damage. This means that most of the time one must focus on damage and use blind/block/dodge/evade/stun/daze to negate damage.


Maximum armor and health[edit]

Armor at level 80 Ascended armor
Heavy : Guardian, Warrior, Revenant 1271
Medium : Thief,Engineer, Ranger, 1118
Light : Elementalist, Necromancer, Mesmer, 967
Health at level 80 Level 80 + Vitality
Warrior, Necromancer, 19,212
Engineer, Ranger, Mesmer, Revenant 15,922
Guardian, Thief, Elementalist 11,645

Usable weapons[edit]

Weapon Weapon Strength
(Armor if shield)
Guardian tango icon 20px.png
Revenant tango icon 20px.png
Warrior tango icon 20px.png
Engineer tango icon 20px.png
Ranger tango icon 20px.png
Thief tango icon 20px.png
Elementalist tango icon 20px.png
Mesmer tango icon 20px.png
Necromancer tango icon 20px.png
One-handed Axe 1000
(Warrior tango icon 20px.png130)
0No0No 0No1Yes 1Yes1Yes 0No0No 1Yes1Yes 0No0No 0No0No 0No0No 1Yes0No
Dagger 1000
0No0No 0No0No 0No0No 0No0No 0No1Yes 1Yes1Yes 1Yes1Yes 0No0No 1Yes1Yes
Mace 1000
130 1Yes0No 1Yes0No 1Yes1Yes 0No0No 0No0No 0No0No 0No0No 0No0No 0No0No
Pistol 1000
(Mesmer tango icon 20px.png1200)
0No0No 0No0No 0No0No 1Yes1Yes 0No0No 1Yes1Yes 0No0No 0No1Yes 0No0No
Sword 1000
(Mesmer tango icon 20px.png1200
1Yes0No 1Yes1Yes 1Yes1Yes 0No0No 1Yes0No 1Yes0No 0No0No 1Yes1Yes 0No0No
Main hand only Scepter 1000
900 1Yes 0No 0No 0No 0No 0No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Off-hand only Focus 900
None 1Yes 0No 0No 0No 0No 0No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Shield 900
+64 AR 1Yes 1Requires Herald 1Yes 1Yes 0No 0No 0No 1Requires Chronomancer 0No
Torch 900
Burning 1Yes 0No 1Requires Berserker 0No 1Yes 0No 0No 1Yes 0No
Warhorn 900
IMS 0No 0No 1Yes 0No 1Yes 0No 1Requires Tempest 0No 1Yes
Two-handed Greatsword 1100
(Mesmer tango icon 20px.png1200)
1Yes 0No 1Yes 0No 1Yes 0No 0No 1Yes 1Requires Reaper
Hammer 1100
(Revenant tango icon 20px.png1200)
1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Requires Scrapper 0No 0No 0No 0No 0No
Longbow 1050
(Ranger tango icon 20px.png1500)
1Requires Dragonhunter 0No 1Yes 0No 1Yes 0No 0No 0No 0No
Rifle 1150
1200 0No 0No 1Yes 1Yes 0No 0No 0No 0No 0No
Short bow 1000
900 0No 0No 0No 0No 1Yes 1Yes 0No 0No 0No
Staff 1100
(Daredevil tango icon 20px.png130)
(Revenant tango icon 20px.png130)
1Yes 1Yes 0No 0No 1Requires Druid 1Requires Daredevil 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Aquatic Harpoon gun 1000
IDC 0No 0No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 0No 0No 0No
Spear 1000
IDC 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes 0No 1Yes 1Yes 0No 1Yes 1Yes
Trident 1000
IDC 1Yes 0No 0No 0No 0No 0No 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Available sets None None 2 2 2 1 2 2 1 2 2
Number of usable weapons None None 11 7 11 4 10 6 5 9 8
Number of weapon skills 1 None None 40 25 49 17(47) 39 37[40] 80(105) 34 30(35)
Possible combinations None None 14 7 21 4 13 9 6 12 12
  • 1Yes1Yes The profession can use this one-handed weapon in either hand or both hands simultaneously.
  • 1Yes0No The profession can only use this one-handed weapon in the main hand.
  • 0No1Yes The profession can only use this one-handed weapon in the off hand.
  • 1Yes The profession can use this main hand only, off-hand only, two-handed, or aquatic weapon.
  • 0No and 0No0No The profession cannot use this weapon.
  • 1Yes An elite specialization must be equipped to use this weapon.
  • 1 Chains and sequence skills are counted as one skill. The number in () includes Conjure, Death Shroud, Device kit and Weapon kit skills respectively. The number in [] includes dual wield skills with no off-hand equipped.
  • 2 Range depends on the skill.
Skill Underwater.png Hero point.png Activation.png Tango-recharge-darker.png Description
Conjure Earth Shield.png
 Conjure Earth Shield
Not available underwater.png 4 0.75¾ 60 Conjure. Manifest a magnetic shield in your hands and at the target location. Wielders of the weapon gain increased toughness and vitality.
Conjure Flame Axe.png
 Conjure Flame Axe
Not available underwater.png 2 0.25¼ 60 Conjure. Manifest a lava axe in your hands and at the target location. Wielders of the weapon gain increased power and condition damage.
Conjure Frost Bow.png
 Conjure Frost Bow
Not available underwater.png 4 0.25¼ 60 Conjure. Manifest a frost bow in your hands and at the target location. Wielders of the weapon gain increased condition duration and healing power.
Conjure Lightning Hammer.png
 Conjure Lightning Hammer
Not available underwater.png 3 0.75¾ 60 Conjure. Manifest a lightning hammer in your hands and at the target location. Wielders of the weapon gain increased precision and ferocity.
Conjure Fiery Greatsword.png
 Conjure Fiery Greatsword
Not available underwater.png 9 1 180 Conjure. Manifest a fiery greatsword in your hands and at the target location. When it lands, it damages and burns foes. Wielders of this weapon gain increased power and condition damage and cast Lesser Fiery Eruption at regular intervals on random enemies.

There are a total of ~120 weapon skill sets : 98 weapon skill sets + 9 specialization weapon skill set (+1 with reaper's shroud)+ 5 conjured weapon skills sets (elementalist mainly, but can be picked up by another ally) + 7 weapon/device kits (engineer only). Transforms are not viable due to their recharge.


Mesmers are the pride of arenanet, their own and special profession. Mesmers have always been blessed with extremely interesting features.


The mesmer mechanic skills allow them to destroy its illusions (clones or phantasms, created by skills) to damage, confuse (condition damage), daze or get Distortion (i.e. Invulnerability), or in the case of Chronomancers, to revert back health, endurance and cooldown to that of a previous state.


  • Domination improves daze, interrupts, vulnerability, shatter, signets and illusions. Greatsword
  • Dueling improves critical hits, illusions (especically phantasms), interrupt, dodge, mantras, shatter. Pistol and sword.
  • Chaos improves conditions and boons, especially regeneration and stealth, manipulation, shatter, interrupt (,illusions). Staff
  • Inspiration improves healing, illusion, shatter, distortion, block, evade, mantra, phantasm, revive. Focus
  • Illusions improves shatter ALOT, illusions (especially phantasms), confusion, blind, block and evade. Torch, Scepter
  • Chronomancer improves shatter ALOT, slow, alacrity, critical hits, wells and interrupts

Chronomancer sounds very powerful, especially with heavy damage-dealing profession that can benefit from alacrity.

Weapons skill sets[edit]

  • (main hand) Sword (vulnerability, boon ripping, clone, cripple, immobilize), Scepter (clone, block, torment, blind, confusion)
    • (offhand) Focus (swiftness, cripple, pull, phantasm), Torch (burn, blind, fury, phantasm), Pistol (phantasm, stun(>daze>blind>confusion)), Sword (block, clone, daze, phantasm), Shield (requires chronomancer, block, phantasm, slow, alacrity, stun, quickness)
  • (two-hand) Greatsword (high range, might, clone, phantasm, cripple, push) , Staff (random boons and conditions, teleport away, clone, phantasm)


Illusion is unavoidable for the Mesmer mechanic. Chronomancer also further boosts shatters and allows access to alacrity.

  • Conditions(+boons) : Staff+Chaos revolve around applying a lot of random boons then conditions. Duration of boons and conditions is increased by Chaotic Persistence, which scale with the number of boons on oneself. Cry of Frustration (confusion) is to be preferred though diversion (daze) can be used for the effects of Dazzling and Confounding Suggestions (with Domination investment). Illusionary Inspiration (in Inspiration) can also be used to transfer all the boons you accumulated to your allies whenever you summon a phantasm.
  • Vulnerability : Domination+Sword main-hand revolve around applying vulnerability to increase damage and benefit from Domination Fragility minor trait. Daze and interrupts also causes vulnerability, meaning using second sword, Diversion is interesting.
  • Confusion (and blind+evade+block) : Illusions(+Dueling) already has everything, and scepter+torch is also good to bring confusion. Ineptitude links blocks and evade to blind, and blind to confusion in turn. Then Dueling can be used to cause blind through the trait Blinding Dissipation. Since both are conditions, this may synergize with condition stacking above.
  • Phantasms spam : Illusions+Dueling+Domination(+Chronomancer) Phantasmal Haste increase their attack speed, Phantasmal Fury and Sharper Images (dueling) give them fury and bleeding on critical hit, Empowered Illusions (domination) increase their damage, while Illusionist's Celerity (illusion) reduces the recharge of the skills (stacks with weapon-realted skill recharge). Chronophantasma (chronomancer) may be used to shatter the phantasm at any time, but one must relinquish to Empowered Illusions and this reduces their damage output due to daze.
  • Clone spam : Dueling+Illusions+Chronomancer. Illusionist's Celerity and Master of Misdirection allow for reduction of recharge foe clone creation skills and shatter skills. Non-combo between Master of Fragmentation and Malicious Sorcery (scepter can create lot of clones). Deceptive Evasion, Desperate Decoy cause further clones to spawn.



Elementalists can switch between attunements using the attunement skills. Switching between attunements is very important as an elementalist since there is no weapon swap.


  • Fire improves fire attunement, burning, fire aura (which cause burning), conjured weapons.
  • Air improves air attunement, critical hit, glyph, knockdown, stun and other disables. Minor speed boosts.
  • Water improves water attunement ALOT^2, cantrips, regeneration, vulnerability. Lot of healing and cures.
  • Earth improves bleeding, earth attunement, signets and general durability.

All elements (except fire, which only improves fire aura) improves auras.

  • Arcane improves attunements ALOT^2, boons (quite a lot too), critical hits, arcane skills, revive speed.
  • Tempest improves overload, vigor, water attunement, aura, protection, shouts, boons if wielding a warhorn.

Tempest is a weak specialization, only empowering water. Getting healed and cured by an elementalist is a bad idea to begin with because they have little armor and health...

Weapons skill sets[edit]

  • (main hand) Dagger (Fire, Earth, Water, Air), Scepter (Fire, Earth, Water, Air),
    • (offhand) Focus (Fire, Earth, Water, Air), Warhorn (requires tempest, Fire, Earth, Water, Air)
  • (two-hand) Staff (Fire, Earth, Water, Air)



Guardians relies on their virtues for a passive burning, healing or block. Virtues skills can be actively used to relinquish the passive effect for a while and get a powerful one-time effect, making them the equal of signets.


  • Radiance is best used against foes suffering from burning and recharges vertue of justice on kill.
  • Zeal improves Symbols and also has synergies with burning (especially), aegis, Spirit weapons. Greatsword and scepter
  • Valor provides might on block and can recharge Virtue of Courage (albeit under certain conditions), meditation. Focus and shield
  • Honor improves dodging and works well with Virtue of Resolve to restore endurance to trigger more dodge. Major Grandmaster traits can boost either shouts or symbols. Mace and staff
  • Virtues improves virtues ALOT, boons, consecration. Hammer
  • Dragonhunter improves knock back, cripple, virtues, traps. Longbow primarly, but to a lesser extent staff/scepter too since their range is >600.

Dragonhunter seems like an extremely powerful specialization, making the guardian (good profession with a very high resilience already !), able to knockback melee opponents and deal heavy damage from high range to everything else.

Weapons skill sets[edit]

  • (main hand) Mace, Sword, Scepter
    • & (offhand) Focus, Torch, Shield
  • (two-hand) Greatsword, Staff, Hammer, Longbow (requires Dragonhunter)



Necromancers gain life force from using skills and from deaths, life force which allow them to enter the death shroud (or Reaper's Shroud) mode, during which they are stronger and more resilient.


  • Spite improves shroud ALOT, downed, chill, signet, boon removal, vulnerability if wielding an axe. Axe, Focus
  • Blood Magic improves bleeding, minions, shroud, wells, health, revive. Dagger, Warhorn
  • Death Magic improves shroud ALOT, minions, toughness, poison, conditions, kill.
  • Curses improves bleeding, critical hits, shroud, conditions, blind, corruption, fear. Scepter
  • Soul Reaping improves shroud ALOT, damage, marks, fear, downed, spectral skills.
  • Reaper improves chill ALOT OMG DEGEN, shroud, fear, shouts, vulnerability, boons, kill. Greatsword

Reaper sounds like good damage and crowd control through the newly boosted chill.

Weapons skill sets[edit]

  • (main hand) Axe, Dagger, Scepter
    • (offhand) Focus, Dagger, Warhorn
  • (two-hand) Greatsword (requires Reaper), Staff



Thieves can use environmental weapons depending on the foe they are facing by using their steal skill. They must manage their initiative to be able to use their skills.


  • Deadly Arts improves stealing, poison, conditions, downed, healing, trap, reveal, damage. Dagger
  • Critical Strikes improves critical hits (Oh RLY ?), flanking, signets, stealth, fury, precision. Pistol
  • Shadow Arts improves stealth ALOT, revive, venom, downed, deception, steal.
  • Acrobatics improves dodge, evade, vigor, healing, initiative, stealth. Sword
  • Trickery improves steal, initiative, flanking, dodge, interrupts, tricks, weapon swap,
  • Daredevil improves steal, evade, dodge, interrupt, critical hits, physical hits, range<360. Staff melee. However staff has high weapon strength and the class allow for more dodge : the profession will be very powerful as spiker.

Weapons skill sets[edit]

  • (main hand) Pistol (bleeding, vulnerability, shadowstep if dagger), Dagger (endurance, poison, flanking, leap, blind&shadowstep if pistol, evade&bleeding if dagger) , Sword (cripple, blind, daze, flanking, evade&boon stealing if dagger, stun if pistol)
    • (offhand) Pistol (daze, blind), Dagger (cripple, stealth, vulnerability)
  • (two-hand) Staff (requires Daredevil, knockdown, weakness, evade, blind, leap), Shortbow (immobilize, bleeding, )


Stolen items are random and environmental weapons are bad, making stealing a bad profession mechanic overall.

  • Stealth abuse :
  • Dodge abuse : Daredevil+Acrobatics(+Trickery)




Weapons skill sets[edit]

  • (main hand)
    • (offhand)
  • (two-hand)




Weapons skill sets[edit]

  • (main hand)
    • (offhand)
  • (two-hand)




Weapons skill sets[edit]

  • (main hand)
    • (offhand)
  • (two-hand)




Weapons skill sets[edit]

  • (main hand)
    • (offhand)
  • (two-hand)