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On S'En Fout
User Osef.png
World Mer de Jade
Territory Europe
Language French
Leader Joe La Brute
also know as
Hemet Nesingwary
Dame Medicis
Years active 1
Type PvE,WvW
No. of members ~450
VoIP Teamspeak
Forum OSEF forum (fr)
Program Osef Program (fr)

Welcome on the OSEF guild wiki page

Description Guild[edit]

Guild OSEF (On S'En Fout ! - who cares, in french) was born from the fusion of two ideas :

  • Play without taking the head as much as possible and share this fun game
  • Live experiences such as the now famous World Boss Tour soon celebrating its one year of existence !

Thus 400-500 players come together every day !

Each OSEF events are imagined , created and led by different members and that is where is the motive power of the guild = Give the necessary tools ( many players , a broad communication , technical and financial resources ) anyone motivated and willing to mount a project event to put on feet and make maximum benefit of players.

The TeamSpeak© of OSEF is a meeting place for having fun together even before discussing strategy game discussions sometimes want salacious and we recommend advance to sensitive souls and children. A single request to participate in this important part of life guild = avoid as much as possible to talk politics and soccer ^^

Regarding grades, there is not one in the guild. OSEF is a castle with its tavern , its barracks, the dining Treasure, his throne , his individual laboratories with bizarre scientific as those of the TEAM RABBIT experimenting jumps, gates and all that includes the discovery of zones.

To enter the familia , no need to make a resume on any forum, in OSEF , simply whisper a guild member and you will get , however, because the maximum number of members is reached soon , we ask all new member to be an active member representing as much as possible.

Whatever your query , an entry in guild, a project idea , an inquiry , an event inter- guilds, etc... Do not hesitate to send an email in the game Joe La Brute ( Hemet Nesingwary or Dame Medicis ) ingame on this account name = Perverscius.4189

We wish you a good game and see you soon in Tyria !

Our Anniversary and our weekly program[edit]

User OSEF Dragon.jpg

Consult it on Osef Program (fr)

Our Events[edit]

The World Boss Tour (WBT)[edit]

A daily raid of some of the World bosses. See more on World Boss Tour (fr).


A raid to obtain Empyreal Fragment, 2 or 3 per week. See more on Empyrush (fr).

Open Guild Bounty[edit]

Every Satursday at 12', after the daily World Boss Tour, we open our gate for Guild Bounty. See more on Open Guild Bounty (fr).