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Best features in Guild Wars 2...

  1. Sidekick - No need to level up to max before you can PvP, always challenging play (when deleveled)
  2. Skill system - dynamic skills, dedicated healing skills, elite skills, different skill mechanics (charged, channeled, toggled, etc.)
  3. Persistence
  4. Replacement of traditional "holy trinity" with roles instead of classes (A thief can play any of three roles, while rogue can only play damage)
  5. Artwork and music
  6. Dynamic events
  7. No grinding and farming quests
  8. Casual and structured PvP which is stripped aside from PvE.
  9. No subscription/fees (Fees aside, no need to wait for your account become activated: Instant play whenever you want)
  10. Visual effects and graphics, scale of worlds
  11. Character aesthetics, armor, town clothing
  12. Norn
  13. Credible races, lore and world
  14. Bar brawling and other minigames
  15. Flat leveling curve
  16. Unique professions
  17. Cutscenes, personal storyline and biography, has replay value
  18. Engineer
  19. Dungeons, multiple versions of same, adds to replay value
  20. Crafting, ability to change crafting disciplines with ease, ability to harvest any resources regardless of your discipline
  21. Traits
  22. Attributes which are almost like in original Guild Wars which is great They're not really the same as in GW1, however, they do make more sense than in 90% of the RPGs these days. Mediggo 15:14, 29 July 2012 (UTC)
  23. Environmental weapons
  24. User:Mediggo/Warrior
  25. Sylvari
  26. Official wiki (it's here!)
  27. Stealing of environmental weapons
  28. Charr
  29. Virtues
  30. Mesmer

Mediggo 09:16, 28 July 2011 (UTC)