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Type Equipment Chat link Trading post
Axe Basic Axe.png Axe
Dagger Basic Dagger.png Dagger
Mace Basic Mace.png Mace
Pistol Basic Pistol.png Pistol
Scepter Basic Scepter.png Scepter
Sword Basic Sword.png Sword
Focus Basic Focus.png Focus
Shield Basic Shield.png Shield
Torch Basic Torch.png Torch
Warhorn Basic Warhorn.png Warhorn
Greatsword Basic Greatsword.png Greatsword
Hammer Basic Hammer.png Hammer
Longbow Basic Longbow.png Longbow
Rifle Basic Rifle.png Rifle
Short bow Basic Short Bow.png Short Bow
Staff Basic Staff.png Staff
Harpoon gun Basic Speargun.png Speargun
Spear Harpoon.png Harpoon
Trident Basic Trident.png Trident
Axe Legionnaire Axe.png Legionnaire Axe
Dagger Legionnaire Dagger.png Legionnaire Dagger
Mace Legionnaire Mace.png Legionnaire Mace
Pistol Legionnaire Sidearm.png Legionnaire Sidearm
Scepter Legionnaire Virge.png Legionnaire Virge
Sword Legionnaire Sword.png Legionnaire Sword
Focus Legionnaire Symbol.png Legionnaire Symbol
Shield Legionnaire Shield.png Legionnaire Shield
Torch Legionnaire Firebrand.png Legionnaire Firebrand
Warhorn Legionnaire Horn.png Legionnaire Horn
Greatsword Legionnaire Greatsword.png Legionnaire Greatsword
Hammer Legionnaire Maul.png Legionnaire Maul
Longbow Legionnaire Longbow.png Legionnaire Longbow
Rifle Legionnaire Bayonet.png Legionnaire Bayonet
Short bow Legionnaire Longbow.png Legionnaire Short Bow
Staff Legionnaire Staff.png Legionnaire Staff
Harpoon gun Legionnaire Speargun.png Legionnaire Speargun
Spear Legionnaire Spear.png Legionnaire Spear
Trident Legionnaire Trident.png Legionnaire Trident
Axe Ceremonial Winged Axe.png Ceremonial Winged Axe
Dagger Ceremonial Dagger.png Ceremonial Dagger
Mace Ceremonial Morning Star.png Ceremonial Morning Star
Pistol Ceremonial Pistol.png Ceremonial Pistol
Scepter Ceremonial Scepter.png Ceremonial Scepter
Sword Ceremonial Sabre.png Ceremonial Sabre
Focus Ceremonial Focus.png Ceremonial Focus
Shield Ceremonial Bulwark.png Ceremonial Bulwark
Torch Ceremonial Torch.png Ceremonial Torch
Warhorn Ceremonial Warhorn.png Ceremonial Warhorn
Greatsword Ceremonial Scimitar.png Ceremonial Scimitar
Hammer Ceremonial Hammer.png Ceremonial Hammer
Longbow Ceremonial Longbow.png Ceremonial Longbow
Rifle Ceremonial Rifle.png Ceremonial Rifle
Short bow Ceremonial Short Bow.png Ceremonial Short Bow
Staff Ceremonial Stave.png Ceremonial Stave
Harpoon gun Ceremonial Speargun.png Ceremonial Speargun
Spear Ceremonial Pike.png Ceremonial Pike
Trident Ceremonial Stave.png Ceremonial Trident
Axe Tribal Axe.png Tribal Axe
Dagger Tribal Dagger.png Tribal Dagger
Mace Tribal Mace.png Tribal Mace
Pistol Tribal Pistol.png Tribal Pistol
Scepter Tribal Scepter.png Tribal Scepter
Sword Tribal Sword.png Tribal Sword
Focus Tribal Focus.png Tribal Focus
Shield Tribal Shield.png Tribal Shield
Torch Tribal Torch.png Tribal Torch
Warhorn Tribal Warhorn.png Tribal Warhorn
Greatsword Tribal Greatsword.png Tribal Greatsword
Hammer Tribal Warhammer.png Tribal Warhammer
Longbow Tribal Bow.png Tribal Bow
Rifle Tribal Rifle.png Tribal Rifle
Short bow Tribal Short Bow.png Tribal Short Bow
Staff Tribal Staff.png Tribal Staff
Harpoon gun Tribal Speargun.png Tribal Speargun
Spear Tribal Spear.png Tribal Spear
Trident Tribal Trident.png Tribal Trident
Axe Etched Skeggox.png Etched Skeggox
Dagger Etched Shard.png Etched Shard
Mace Etched Cudgel.png Etched Cudgel
Pistol Etched Revolver.png Etched Revolver
Scepter Etched Scepter.png Etched Scepter
Sword Etched Blade.png Etched Blade
Focus Etched Artifact.png Etched Artifact
Shield Etched Bulwark.png Etched Bulwark
Torch Etched Wartorch.png Etched Wartorch
Warhorn Etched Harbinger.png Etched Harbinger
Greatsword Etched Avenger.png Etched Avenger
Hammer Etched Sledgehammer.png Etched Sledgehammer
Longbow Etched Greatbow.png Etched Greatbow
Rifle Etched Blaster.png Etched Blaster
Short bow Etched Short Bow.png Etched Short Bow
Staff Etched Branch.png Etched Branch
Harpoon gun Etched Blaster.png Etched Speargun
Spear Etched Harpoon.png Etched Harpoon
Trident Etched Trident.png Etched Trident
Axe Orrian Axe.png Orrian Axe
Dagger Orrian Dagger.png Orrian Dagger
Mace Orrian Mace.png Orrian Mace
Pistol Orrian Pistol.png Orrian Pistol
Scepter Orrian Scepter.png Orrian Scepter
Sword Orrian Sabre.png Orrian Sabre
Focus Orrian Focus.png Orrian Focus
Shield Orrian Shield.png Orrian Shield
Torch Orrian Torch.png Orrian Torch
Warhorn Orrian Warhorn.png Orrian Warhorn
Greatsword Orrian Longsword.png Orrian Longsword
Hammer Orrian Smasher.png Orrian Smasher
Longbow Orrian Bow.png Orrian Bow
Rifle Orrian Rifle.png Orrian Rifle
Short bow Orrian Short Bow.png Orrian Short Bow
Staff Orrian Staff.png Orrian Staff
Harpoon gun Orrian Speargun.png Orrian Speargun
Spear Orrian Spear.png Orrian Spear
Trident Orrian Trident.png Orrian Trident
Axe Faithful.png Faithful
Axe Jaws of Death.png Jaws of Death
Axe Knot of Justice.png Knot of Justice
Axe Labrys.png Labrys
Axe Maw of the Damned.png Maw of the Damned
Axe Ophidian.png Ophidian
Axe Razorstone.png Razorstone
Dagger Claws of the Desert.png Claws of the Desert
Dagger Glimmerfang.png Glimmerfang
Dagger Kenshi's Wing.png Kenshi's Wing
Dagger Malefacterym.png Malefacterym
Dagger Moonshank.png Moonshank
Dagger Soulshard.png Soulshard
Dagger Usoku's Needle.png Usoku's Needle
Mace Droknar's Forgehammer.png Droknar's Forgehammer
Mace Fixer Upper.png Fixer Upper
Mace Kevin.png Kevin
Pistol Handheld Disaster.png Handheld Disaster
Pistol Master Blaster.png Master Blaster
Pistol Ruinmaker.png Ruinmaker
Scepter Anura.png Anura
Scepter Coldsnap.png Coldsnap
Scepter Emberglow.png Emberglow
Scepter Hypnotic Scepter.png Hypnotic Scepter
Scepter Oikoumene.png Oikoumene
Scepter Shard of the Deep.png Shard of the Deep
Scepter Tsunami.png Tsunami
Scepter Zhaitan's Reach.png Zhaitan's Reach
Sword Ak-Muhl's Jaw.png Ak-Muhl's Jaw
Sword Alderune's Last Stand.png Alderune's Last Stand
Sword Crystalline Blade.png Crystalline Blade
Sword Honor of Humanity.png Honor of Humanity
Sword Twin Sisters.png Twin Sisters
Sword Winged Spatha.png Winged Spatha
Focus Adam.png Adam
Focus Arcanus Obscurus.png Arcanus Obscurus
Focus Corrupted Fragment.png Bloodseeker
Focus Chalice of the Gods.png Chalice of the Gods
Focus Foulbear Lucky Feathers.png Foulbear Lucky Feathers
Focus Infinite Wisdom.png Infinite Wisdom
Focus Mojo.png Mojo
Focus Wisteria.png Wisteria
Focus X7-10 Alpha.png X7-10 Alpha
Shield Call of the Commissar.png Call of the Commissar
Shield Grimward.png Grimward
Shield Guardian of the Six.png Guardian of the Six
Shield Jora's Defender.png Jora's Defender
Shield Kryta's Embrace.png Kryta's Embrace
Shield Shield of the Moon.png Shield of the Moon
Shield Shield of the Wing.png Shield of the Wing
Torch Combustion.png Combustion
Torch Firelighter.png Firelighter
Warhorn Kodanroar.png Kodanroar
Warhorn Siren's Call (weapon).png Siren's Call
Warhorn The Hunt.png The Hunt
Warhorn Tinwail.png Tinwail
Warhorn Windstorm.png Windstorm
Greatsword Breath of Flame.png Breath of Flame
Greatsword Dhuumseal.png Dhuumseal
Greatsword Ebonblade.png Ebonblade
Greatsword Khrysaor, the Golden Sword.png Khrysaor, the Golden Sword
Greatsword Kymswarden.png Kymswarden
Greatsword Skybringer.png Skybringer
Hammer Black Fleet Bludgeon.png Black Fleet Bludgeon
Hammer Magmaton.png Magmaton
Hammer Remnant of Ascalon.png Remnant of Ascalon
Hammer The Briny Deep.png The Briny Deep
Hammer The Punisher.png The Punisher
Hammer The Ugly Stick.png The Ugly Stick
Longbow Bow of the White Hart.png Bow of the White Hart
Longbow Droknar's Recurve Bow.png Droknar's Recurve Bow
Longbow Eir's Longbow.png Eir's Longbow
Longbow Final Curse.png Final Curse
Longbow Legionnaire Longbow.png Ganadriva
Longbow Éibhear Dunn.png Éibhear Dunn
Rifle Azure Railgun.png Azure Railgun
Rifle Charrzooka (weapon).png Charrzooka
Rifle Sarraceniaceae.png Sarraceniaceae
Rifle Super Hyperbeam Alpha.png Super Hyperbeam Alpha
Rifle Vera.png Vera
Short bow Avirdanag.png Avirdanag
Short bow Bow of the Pale Stag.png Bow of the Pale Stag
Short bow Droknar's Short Bow.png Droknar's Short Bow
Short bow Eir's Short Bow.png Eir's Short Bow
Short bow Éibhear Finn.png Éibhear Finn
Staff Bramblethorne.png Bramblethorne
Staff Deathwish.png Deathwish
Staff Delusion.png Delusion Account Bound
Staff Emberspire.png Emberspire
Staff Final Rest.png Final Rest
Staff Imryldyeen.png Imryldyeen
Staff Memory of the Sky.png Memory of the Sky
Staff Silence.png Silence
Harpoon gun The Stingray.png The Stingray
Harpoon gun Urchin's Needles.png Urchin's Needles
Spear Al'ir'aska.png Al'ir'aska
Spear Dragonfury.png Dragonfury
Spear Dragonspine.png Dragonspine
Spear Nitro.png Nitro
Spear Spade of the Deep.png Spade of the Deep
Trident Peasant's Solution.png Peasant's Solution
Axe Beacon of Light.png Beacon of Light
Axe Phoenix Reborn.png Phoenix Reborn
Axe Truth.png Truth
Dagger Anton's Boot Blade.png Anton's Boot Blade
Dagger Komalie's Sacrificial Blade.png Komalie's Sacrificial Blade
Mace Shiverstone.png Shiverstone
Scepter Combustion (scepter).png Combustion
Scepter Scepter of the Highborn.png Scepter of the Highborn
Sword Bonetti's Rapier.png Bonetti's Rapier
Sword Lord Taeres's Shadow.png Lord Taeres's Shadow
Sword Twin Talons.png Twin Talons
Focus King's Remembrance.png King's Remembrance
Focus Knowledge is Power.png Knowledge is Power
Focus Stein of Celebratory Beer.png Poyaqui's Noggin
Shield Guild Defender.png Guild Defender
Torch Occultist Flame.png Occultist Flame
Torch Razah's Nightmare.png Razah's Nightmare
Warhorn Cutthroat Caller.png Cutthroat Caller
Warhorn Song of the Temptress.png Song of the Temptress
Greatsword Cobalt.png Cobalt
Greatsword Crystal Guardian.png Crystal Guardian
Hammer Entropy.png Entropy
Hammer Genesis.png Genesis
Hammer Mecha Anchor.png Mecha Anchor
Longbow Arc.png Arc
Longbow Arthropoda.png Arthropoda
Rifle Exterminator.png Exterminator
Rifle Levvi's Detector.png Levvi's Detector
Short bow Crustacea.png Crustacea
Short bow Stardust.png Stardust
Staff Monsoon.png Monsoon
Harpoon gun X6-31 Beta.png X6-31 Beta
Spear Impaler.png Impaler
Trident Rockweed Spire.png Rockweed Spire
Axe Reaver of the Sunless.png Reaver of the Sunless Account Bound
Dagger Razor of the Sunless.png Razor of the Sunless Account Bound
Mace Flanged Mace of the Sunless.png Flanged Mace of the Sunless Account Bound
Pistol Revolver of the Sunless.png Revolver of the Sunless Account Bound
Scepter Wand of the Sunless.png Wand of the Sunless Account Bound
Sword Blade of the Sunless.png Blade of the Sunless Account Bound
Focus Artifact of the Sunless.png Artifact of the Sunless Account Bound
Shield Bastion of the Sunless.png Bastion of the Sunless Account Bound
Torch Brazier of the Sunless.png Brazier of the Sunless Account Bound
Warhorn Herald of the Sunless.png Herald of the Sunless Account Bound
Greatsword Claymore of the Sunless.png Claymore of the Sunless Account Bound
Hammer Warhammer of the Sunless.png Warhammer of the Sunless Account Bound
Longbow Greatbow of the Sunless.png Greatbow of the Sunless Account Bound
Rifle Musket of the Sunless.png Musket of the Sunless Account Bound
Short bow Short Bow of the Sunless.png Short Bow of the Sunless Account Bound
Staff Spire of the Sunless.png Spire of the Sunless Account Bound
Harpoon gun Harpoon Gun of the Sunless.png Harpoon Gun of the Sunless Account Bound
Spear Impaler of the Sunless.png Impaler of the Sunless Account Bound
Trident Trident of the Sunless.png Trident of the Sunless Account Bound
Rifle Annelid Rifle.png Annelid Rifle Skin


Type Light armor Chat link Trading post Medium armor Chat link Trading post Heavy armor Chat link Trading post
Helm Apprentice Band.png Apprentice Band Rawhide Mask.png Rawhide Mask Chainmail Helm.png Chainmail Helm
Shoulders Apprentice Shoulders.png Apprentice Shoulders Rawhide Shoulders.png Rawhide Shoulders Chainmail Shoulders.png Chainmail Shoulders
Coat Apprentice Coat.png Apprentice Coat Rawhide Vest.png Rawhide Vest Chainmail Chestpiece.png Chainmail Chestpiece
Gloves Apprentice Gloves.png Apprentice Gloves Rawhide Bracers.png Rawhide Bracers Chainmail Gauntlets.png Chainmail Gauntlets
Leggings Apprentice Pants.png Apprentice Pants Rawhide Leggings.png Rawhide Leggings Chainmail Leggings.png Chainmail Leggings
Boots Apprentice Shoes.png Apprentice Shoes Rawhide Boots.png Rawhide Boots Chainmail Footgear.png Chainmail Footgear
Helm Country Mask.png Country Mask Studded Helm.png Studded Helm Worn Chain Helm.png Worn Chain Helm
Shoulders Country Mantle.png Country Mantle Studded Shoulders.png Studded Shoulders Worn Chain Pauldrons.png Worn Chain Pauldrons
Coat Country Coat.png Country Coat Studded Coat.png Studded Coat Worn Chain Coat.png Worn Chain Coat
Gloves Country Gloves.png Country Gloves Studded Gloves.png Studded Gloves Worn Chain Gauntlets.png Worn Chain Gauntlets
Leggings Country Pants.png Country Pants Studded Pants.png Studded Pants Worn Chain Legs.png Worn Chain Legs
Boots Country Boots.png Country Boots Studded Boots.png Studded Boots Worn Chain Greaves.png Worn Chain Greaves
Helm Magician Mask.png Magician Mask Swindler Mask.png Swindler Mask Worn Scale Helm.png Worn Scale Helm
Shoulders Magician Mantle.png Magician Mantle Swindler Pauldrons.png Swindler Pauldrons Worn Scale Pauldrons.png Worn Scale Pauldrons
Coat Magician Coat.png Magician Coat Swindler Coat.png Swindler Coat Worn Scale Coat.png Worn Scale Coat
Gloves Magician Gloves.png Magician Gloves Swindler Gloves.png Swindler Gloves Worn Scale Gauntlets.png Worn Scale Gauntlets
Leggings Magician Legs.png Magician Legs Swindler Pants.png Swindler Pants Worn Scale Legs.png Worn Scale Legs
Boots Magician Boots.png Magician Boots Swindler Boots.png Swindler Boots Worn Scale Boots.png Worn Scale Boots
Helm Cabalist Hood.png Cabalist Hood Privateer Hat.png Privateer Hat Reinforced Scale Helm.png Reinforced Scale Helm
Shoulders Cabalist Shoulders.png Cabalist Shoulders Privateer Shoulders.png Privateer Shoulders Reinforced Scale Pauldrons.png Reinforced Scale Pauldrons
Coat Cabalist Coat.png Cabalist Coat Privateer Coat.png Privateer Coat Reinforced Scale Coat.png Reinforced Scale Coat
Gloves Cabalist Gloves.png Cabalist Gloves Privateer Gloves.png Privateer Gloves Reinforced Scale Gauntlets.png Reinforced Scale Gauntlets
Leggings Cabalist Legs.png Cabalist Legs Privateer Pants.png Privateer Pants Reinforced Scale Legs.png Reinforced Scale Legs
Boots Cabalist Boots.png Cabalist Boots Privateer Boots.png Privateer Boots Reinforced Scale Boots.png Reinforced Scale Boots
Helm Conjurer Mask.png Conjurer Mask Marauder Helm.png Marauder Helm Banded Helm.png Banded Helm
Shoulders Conjurer Mantle.png Conjurer Mantle Commando's Shoulderguards.png Marauder Shoulderguards Banded Pauldrons.png Banded Pauldrons
Coat Conjurer Chest.png Conjurer Chest Commando's Jacket.png Marauder Jacket Banded Coat.png Banded Coat
Gloves Conjurer Gloves.png Conjurer Gloves Marauder Gloves.png Marauder Gloves Banded Gauntlets.png Banded Gauntlets
Leggings Conjurer Pants.png Conjurer Pants Commando's Pants.png Marauder Pants Banded Legs.png Banded Legs
Boots Conjurer Shoes.png Conjurer Shoes Marauder Boots.png Marauder Boots Banded Greaves.png Banded Greaves
Helm Seer Mask.png Seer Mask Sneakthief Mask.png Sneakthief Mask Scallywag Helm.png Scallywag Helm
Shoulders Seer Mantle.png Seer Mantle Sneakthief Shoulderguards.png Sneakthief Shoulderguards Scallywag Pauldrons.png Scallywag Pauldrons
Coat Seer Coat.png Seer Coat Sneakthief Coat.png Sneakthief Coat Scallywag Chest.png Scallywag Chest
Gloves Seer Gloves.png Seer Gloves Sneakthief Gloves.png Sneakthief Gloves Scallywag Gauntlets.png Scallywag Gauntlets
Leggings Seer Pants.png Seer Pants Sneakthief Leggings.png Sneakthief Leggings Scallywag Legs.png Scallywag Legs
Boots Seer Boots.png Seer Boots Sneakthief Sandals.png Sneakthief Sandals Scallywag Greaves.png Scallywag Greaves