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Forward/Up path (path 3)[edit]

  • If the party chooses 'up' at the second branch point, they will run into various husks upon proceeding forward.

Boss: The Defiler[edit]

  • You will eventually run into THE DEFILER, flanked by two husks.
  • This boss has knockdown and a fairly powerful melee attack and a lot of health and armor. It also applies a special condition on players that deals significant damage over time, which can be removed by dodge-rolling.
  • Kill the companion husks first and watch out for respawning blossoms in the area, and this should be a fairly straightforward fight.

Deathly Swarms[edit]

  • After defeating the Defiler, you will cross a bridge, beyond which is a fountain with a cog to the left. Run up to the fountain and quickly accept the dialogue that grants you the invisibility sap. If you linger too long here you may aggro the swarms farther up the path.
  • Being attacked by the swarms here almost certainly means an instant death.
  • You must proceed up the path, being careful not to touch the fountains of water on the ground marked by white rings. Having swiftness or other speed boosts greatly helps in running through the area without being hit by water.
  • If you are hit by the water, you lose the invisibility buff and will quickly aggro the nearby swarms. If this happens, it may be possible to rush through anyway with swiftness, your own invisibility/invulnerability skills, and smart dodge-rolling.
  • Once any 1 (or 2) player(s) reaches the other side, he can disable the swarms by running through to the end of the passage before the next boss. When doing this, be wary of the many nightmare pups that spawn; they can easily overwhelm one or two players. Killing the pups is not required for disabling the swarms, however, so one player can simply run past them to the end of the tunnel if necessary.

Boss: Vevina[edit]

  • The next boss you encounter is called Vevina, who seems to be fighting with Leurent. She is guarded by 2 husks.
  • Kill the husks first to make the rest of the fight much easier.
  • Vevina will focus solely on Leurent as long as he is alive. It's possible to keep Leurent alive for the duration of the fight to make killing Vevina easier. However this almost certainly requires one or two dedicated healers/support players to focus on keeping Leurent alive and depending on your party composition may or may not be worth the effort.
  • Vevina has an AoE area-denial ability that deals a fair amount of damage as well as applies random conditions. She also applies confusion and burning. She can also teleport, rendering snares ineffective against her.
  • Bring condition removal and stop attacking if you are taking too much damage from your own attacks, as the boss has her own bouncing bolt attack that does quite some damage.
  • As the rumor goes around that if you manage to keep Leurent alive the whole fight you will get an extra chest, however this is not true and the game won't reward you from keeping Leurent alive.

Cliffs and Wardens[edit]

Boss: Nightmare Tree[edit]

  • The final boss is the Nightmare Tree. In this path, it is surrounded by endlessly-spawning spiders, which are generally the most dangerous threat. Spiders will be aggressive once the players attack the Nightmare Tree, regardless of any attack methods players may use.
  • Wait for the Nightmare Tree to absorb Fyonna before attacking.

Strategy 1:

  • All players should stack and directly attack the boss using melee attack while chaining reflect abilities against any projectiles while equipping high Power/Vitality/Toughness (PVT) attributes on armors (Precision and Critical Damage are not important as the Nightmare Tree is a structure and attacks do not crit against structures) and high DPS weapons. This is by far the most effective way to defeat this variant of the Nightmare Tree.
  • A combination of classes that can reflect or block projectiles for the entire party is highly recommended for the boss in its current state. The following are possible options that are recommended either for their high uptime or ability to protect an entire party:
  • Swarms of spiders do not despawn. If the party failed to take down the Nightmare Tree on the first try, restart the dungeon instance and try again.
  • The Nightmare Tree itself has multiple abilities. One ability immobilizes a single player, and the other ability is a large cone-like attack that covers the entire room and deals significant damage as well as apply stacks of vulnerability. The tree continuously alternates between these two abilities, and are telegraphed by the tree slamming its fists into the ground. The AoE attack is further telegraphed by the tree shaking its head and branches on its back. It is possible to prevent the larger spider spawns if the orbs (which blend in with the falling foliage) that accompany the head shaking are dodged. The orbs also seem to count as projectiles that can be absorbed.

Strategy 2: -This is by far the easiest method to complete the boss.

  • Make absolutely certain that the warders or the volatile blossoms outside this boss room kill Morrigu. She will spawn adds on you (since NPCs don't dodge) and make this much more difficult. She should be dead before walking into the tree's room.
  • Stand at the entrance to the tree room, and watch carefully for his left fist (the one on your right) to pound onto the ground, he will then shake his branches, and green goo will float down from the ceiling. As soon as he starts shaking, DODGE! THIS IS CRITICAL!
  • As long as you dodge (may need to double-dodge) the spiders will not spawn on you, and you will be able to range him at 1200 from the doorway. If spiders do spawn, dedicate 2 people to killing them ASAP while the rest of the people focus on the boss.
  • There is no end to the possible spiders that can spawn in this room. The best strategy is to avoid spawning them if possible.

Strategy 3:

  • Equip skills to improve your movement speed (try to get at least 25% constant). This will make the spider attacks miss you. Also get skills to remove conditions and possibly endurance regeneration.
  • All players enter the boss area at the same time and start running in circles around the boss (everyone should follow the same direction). Use ranged attacks and stay as far from it as possible, but not far enough to get trapped between the vines coming out of the wall.
  • Save your condition removal skills for when you get immobilized or crippled, save your dodges for the times when many spiders appear on you (don't waste them when spiders are on other teammates).
  • Use some AOE skills when possible (but don't focus on it). If you get down, immediately find a low health spiderling and attack it to rally. Don't try to res downed allies.

Strategy 4:

  • Equip skills to improve your movement speed of at least one team member (try to get at least 25% constant). Recommend a warrior with the following traits: Discipline III, Defense II, VIII, XI, and Strength II, III, and XII. Warrior weapon should be Axe or Sword with War Horn. Warrior skills that work include  
    "Shake It Off!".png
     "Shake It Off!",  
    Endure Pain.png
     Endure Pain, 
    Pain Inverter.png
     Pain Inverter. Other party members should have non-AOE ranged attacks with condition removal and heals.
  • All party members should have food that grants reduced condition duration.
  • After Fyonna is dead, warrior will enter boss area and circle the boss. Use the 4 skill  
    Charge (warrior skill).png
     Charge of the warhorn when rooted by the boss and use other condition removals as necessary. Remaining party members will stay at the entrance to the room range attacking boss and killing the few spiders and turrets that pop up at the entrance.
  • When circling the tree, run as far from the tree as possible except on the entrance side. When approaching the entrance side, cut across the room through the tree to avoid bringing more spiders to the ranged party members. Essentially this will make a half moon.
  • Repeat until boss is dead.