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DISCLAIMER: The following dungeon paths are Fanmade and aren't existing in-game.

Crucible of Eternity path 4: Legacy[edit]

The locked down forgotten facility is rotting, it undergone critical change within its structure. The Inquest decided to investigate Kudu's Death and to recover its data, they must be stopped! But adventurers aren't aware of the horrific things the facility still have in store... and the issues they will encounter...

— Description

Dungeon Information[edit]


Legacy path through the Crucible of Eternity
The alpha essence imbued asura (Legendary abobination)
  • Talk to Agent Spire when ready.
    • Event star (tango icon).png Speak with Agent Spire.
  • Protect Agent Spire from Hazmat Researchers while passing through the corroded Arcanic reactor.
    • Event bar.jpg Event shield (tango icon).png
  • Kill Overseer Blik
    • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Gather Crystals around the data Repository to maintain the air filterer powered.
    • Event bar.jpg Event collect (tango icon).png
  • Wait until Agent Spire successfully reprogrammed force fields using the secondary surface power source.
    • Event bar.jpg Event cog (tango icon).png
  • Find another way to return to the Essence Purification Zone.
    • Event star (tango icon).png Pass through Alpha Reserve and The Aquarium by swimming.
  • Defeat the elite shock troops blocking access to the staircases.
    • Event fist (tango icon).png Clear the path of the Essence Purification Zone to disable the containment force fields.
  • Unlock discretely stone gate preventing you to go further within the facility.
    • Event bar.jpg Event cog (tango icon).png
  • Avoid overpowered Inquest agents patrolling Magimechanic Upgrade Depot.
    • Event star (tango icon).png Reach the disabled force field windows leading to Thaumagolemic Observation Creche.
  • Gather Crystals around the Thaumagolemic Observation Creche to maintain the air filterer powered.
  • Investigate the mysterious sounds and moans hearable through the whole facility.
    • Event star (tango icon).png Access Subject Preparation Vaults.
  • Defend or not the Inquest overseers against the mysterious shadows creatures.
    • Event swords (tango icon).png Let the creatures kill them and disappearing.
    • Event shield (tango icon).png Eliminate the threats.
  • Kill the Alpha essence imbued abomination.
    • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Destroy the wall to gain access to Experimental Lab Red.
    • Event star (tango icon).png Find something to light the explosives.
  • Steal Hazmat suits to overcome the intense heat.
    • Event star (tango icon).png Find suits within the Independent Research Sector.
  • Progress through the ardent Lab Red to reach Security checkpoint.
    • Event cog (tango icon).png Use the switch to restore the heat protecting force field.
    • Event cog (tango icon).png Unlock the door to help the defectors Inquest operatives reaching the exit.
  • Confront Kuda's prototype warehouse golem
    • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Escape the Facillity.




  • Agent Spire
  • Injured Subversion Specialist
  • Injured Inquest Scientist
  • Injured Inquest Technician
  • Injured Inquest Grenadier
  • Injured Inquest Engineer
  • Defector Inquest Agent
  • Inquest Medic


  • Legendary Alpha's Essence imbued Abomination.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Talking to Agent Spire:

Agent Spire: Ready to watch me push a button, or do you have any questions?
Talk ready option.png We're ready to escort you.
Talk end option tango.png Leave
Talk more option tango.png Wait, what's happening?
Okay, we have to reach the main control panel, turn off the force field, and then we seek for subject alpha before the Inquest find it.
Talk more option tango.png Haven't we killed it? How to survive? The facility is now out of oxygen!
I brought an air purifier device with me. About alpha, one essence escaped from us, in addition of that Inquest is now investigating.
Talk back option tango.png Okay. Let's go.
Talk end option tango.png Leave

Start of the path[edit]

Agent Spire: Okay, first, we have that air filterer to help us progressing through the lab, but will be surely needed to charge it during the journey. Second, the lab is locked down, that means we can't unlock those gates manually.
Agent Spire: We just arrived though the emergency asura gate, we shouldn't have attracted any suspicions. This is strange, all the gates in front of us are destroyed.... There is something brewing there.
Agent Spire: Anyway, here we are, let's aim to the central console.
Intercom: High Inquisitor Maut here, third investigation team, team Gamma has arrived at crucible access platform. Team Beta, report!
Intercom: Overseer Blik here, Arcanic reactor has completely melt down and is severely damaged. Requesting using as secondary power source energy from surface labs.
Intercom: Request granted. Overseer Tinka from team Alpha, report!
Intercom: Kudu's corpse found, currently recovering datapads and crystals. Starting transmitting data to security checkpoint terminal in... 3.. 2.. 1.. Now.

Few moment later, while the group is walking toward the Arcanic Reactor entrance.

Intercom: Team Gamma, what is you position now?
Intercom: Reached Ambulatory Preparation Facility, creating a checkpoint here in case of emergency extraction. Overseer Plinty is reprogramming golems.
Agent Spire: Okay, entering Arcanic Reactor, stay close to me and the air purifier. Those agents are surely in Hazmat Suits. Take those holo-shields and use them to counter eventual attacks.

In Arcanic Reactor:

Overseer Blik: Intruders!!! How? This is an irradiated area! They don't even have suited equipment! Outrageous! Kill them!

Exit of the Reactor:

Overseer Blik: *Cough *Cough... Blik.. here.. Intruders in Arcanic Reactor... stop them, they shouldn't reach.. and recover.. *Blarghhh
Intercom: Attention! Lab is now supplied with secondary power source. Warning, energy threshold too weak to power up doors functions and oxygenation.

Data Repository:

Agent Spire: Here we are, while I'm reprogramming the force fields, gather crystal around there for the air filterer. So, I turn that thing, I press that button, I check the routing and the map...
Agent Spire: Ok, force fields rerouted. Let's wait to hear how it renders...

Hearing not so far away:

Overseer Tinka: We have what we needed data is fully transmitted to the Security Checkpoint Terminal. Let's return to the surface.
  • Strange moans and sounds, scratching sounds emanate from the northern door. (Sounds reminding subject alpha)
Overseer Tinka: What is that sound?
Elite Inquest Technician: Nothing good... let's hurry, read horrifying things in the log.
Elite Inquest Grenadier: Wasn't it here, they did those experiments with mixing dragon magics essences?
Security Supervision Golem: Indeed-- As read in log-- Here is some of the experiments-- Kudu's monster-- Evolved Husk --Evolved destroyer and one classed as Omicron-- Subject Alpha.
  • Bigger cry and whispering
Overseer Tinka: What that's thing here? It's running!!! Exterminat----- *Blargh
Elite Inquest Technician: *Blargh
Elite Inquest Grenadier: *Blargh
Agent Spire: There is definitely something bad happening.
Intercom: Attention! Swarm red protocol now in effect. Quarantine force fields deployed. No egress permitted. Unknown menace wandering in the lab. Disappearance of team Alpha.
Intercom: Attention! Unnecessary force fields disabled! Warning! Flooding of The Aquarium aqua-corridors in progress! Warning! Flooding in Subject Alpha Reserve in progress!! Critical failure! Experimental lab red intense heat isn't contained anymore! Critical failure! Spore contamination from Experimental lab green in progress.
Intercom: Fellow agents, this is an order, rejoin safety points equipped with air filterers, stay close to quarantine force fields. Exterminate anything you see.
Intercom: Sealing Arcanic Reactor to prevent further flooding. Containment fields deployed in Essence Purification Zone, Subject Preparation Vault and Crucible Access Platform.
Intercom: Overseer Minx from team Zeta speaking. Took place in Independent Research Sector. Currently Barricading. No way I'm dying here! Locked here for now, heat too high in Experimental Lab red and surroundings.
Intercom: Understood. Stay here, and be sure nothing pass your checkpoint.

Walking in direction of Subject Alpha Reserve:

Agent Spire: Guess we aren't passing through Arcanic reactor again. *Shrug
Agent Spire: Nobodies against taking a little bath? Stay close, let's follow the arks should be okay.
  • Strange moans and sounds, scratching sounds emanate from the reactor. (If players looks at the upper aquatic corridors still having force fields, they see a mysterious deformed asura shadow looking at them for 5 sec and then disappearing)
Agent Spire: ...That's probably nothing! But we shouldn't lose time. We must find that Subject Alpha rapidly.

Essence Purification Zone:

Champion Inquest Head Scientist: What are those things? Impossible, can't be test subjects.. Thieves!! Pillagers!! No no no! You will not steal us anything! Data or Specimen! Die!
Veteran Inquest Megablaster: Here's what we do with contaminants!
Elite Inquest Hostile Environments Specialist: Haven't you heard? This is quarantine! If we prevent an outbreak it worth dying! And you should die here too!
Elite Inquest Synergisticist: If you want to pass us you have to kill all of us!
Inquest Bomber: Don't force me to use my gyros!
Agent Spire: Those sounds are surely the creature we are seeking for. The more time we lose, higher will be the victims! Let's clear the path rapidly.

After the corridor, starting climbing the staircases:

Elite Inquest Golemaestro: Intruders! I found you! Nyhehehe! You will suffer my wrath! Golems, it's time to clear that facility!
Mark VII Centurion Golem: Affirmative-- Non-Inquest detected-- Those should be the intruders who hacked the terminal-- Must be expunged.
Enhanced Mark II Ballista Golem: Starting decontamination protocol.
Enhanced Mark I Phalanx Golem: Starting decontamination protocol.

After killing them:

Intercom: Security cameras indicated intruders have progressed through the facility. Higher defense measures recommended. Team Gamma report!
Intercom: Better security deployed including drones and shield generator. Waiting authorization to move toward Subject Preparation Vaults.
Intercom: Maintain your position, this is the safest place.

Entering Magimechanic Upgrade Depot:

Agent Spire: Detection golems everywhere... There is several supervision golems overseeing every corner. I will activate stealth module, lead me to that windows at the end of the room, we will use it to bypass the door.
  • Intense Scratching sounds and several asura screaming, golems shutting down one by one. (Players can go looking through the newly opened windows showing Ambulatory preparation Facility and see the shadow asura again killing agents)
Elite Inquest Dynamicist: What, who is this? Can it be? /wave No answers.. *the shadow teleport to him and kill him
Inquest Enforcer: Secure the facility!!! Contain that abomination!!! Protect Overseer Plinty!!!
Champion Mark P Support Golem: Task acquired-- escort Plinty and its squad to the exit. Protecting at all cost.
Champion Mark K Battle Golem: Task acquired-- occupy the abomination with other unnecessary personnel while Plinty flees.
Inquest Bruiser: Your heard those golems?! Let's slow that thing!
Inquest Phaser: Be proud! This thing should not pass!
  • Asura screaming, no more sounds.
Agent Spire: We must move faster, that thing is after us. And the air filterer is almost depleted. We have to charge it again. We should find crystals within Thaumagolemic Observation Creche.

Entering Thaumagolemic Observation Creche

Agent Spire: Let's gather some crystals agai...
Intercom: Attention! Oxygenation of the whole complex is now online. Attention! Important loses. Team Alpha and Beta have been expunged. Remaining teams should now aim to the surface. The explorations ends now.
Agent Spire: Oh good news for once! Even with the air is okay, there is still no light. So stay close.

Passing through Golemetric Diagnostics:

Overseer Plinty: (looking behind him and seeing us) Oh! Hey? You aren't Inquest! But guess what, I want to live, I suppose you too? Exact, I have something else to do than killing you. You should hurry and leave too.
Champion Mark P Support Golem: Would-- have-- liked-- to-- stomp-- you, but-- we-- are-- in-- a-- hurry.
Inquest Bruiser: Alpha will be soon here, let's avoid to be silly and losing time.
Agent Spire: For once I agree with you. Hurry up!

First room of Subject preparation vault:

Overseer Plinty: Don't come!! It's a trap! The creature is already here!
  • Strange moans again hearable all around like the if the creature was everywhere. The room is locked on the other side with a red sparkling force field. Several agents are injured, lying on the ground.
Overseer Plinty (injured): Kill them! Don't let them kill us!
Injured Inquest Engineer: I'm too young to die!
Injured Inquest Scientist: Not now! Still have ton of experiences to do!
Injured Inquest Technician: We aren't your enemy, this creature is!
Injured Inquest Subversion Specialist: I have more knowledge about those creatures than all of you together!
Injured Inquest Grenadier: Save us, we can assist you!


Agent Spire: What we do?
Talk ready option.png We kill the creatures
Talk ready option.png We let them kill the Inquest
Talk end option tango.png Leave

Killing creatures: (Shadows are appearing and slowly moving toward the players, have to be kept at distance, touching one down you instantly) Defend the room until they stop appearing.

Agent Spire: How many are them? It's endless!
Agent Spire: Finally. Everybody is okay? Fine, wonder what were those things? Hallucinations? Infected?
Injured Inquest Subversion Specialist: This isn't an infected. Would have been worse. It may be Alpha Essences. So Subject Alpha is alive.
Agent Spire: You're joking right?
Injured Inquest Subversion Specialist: We are never joking, apart sometimes about death.
Injured Inquest Scientist: Wonderful! It means Alpha survived in hostile environments! It surpasses any expectation! Hmm. Let's reach the exit.
Agent Spire: Before, let's kill Alpha.
Overseer Plinty Thanks you. We will help you to neutralize it.


Killing Inquest agents: (Shadows are appearing and rushing toward the injured staff killing them. A swarm of them come out of the vents, some are corroding the walls and edges of the force field disabling it. And then they disappear)

Overseer Plinty How could you? Monsters! You will never escape the facility alive fools!
Injured Inquest Subversion Specialist: You reduced your survival chances. *cough * agonizing Go burn yourself. *Die with several other agents
Agent Spire: Let's stop that slaughter, we must find the creature before them.


Intercom: Attention! Unknown life form confirmed. Visual evidence on Subjects Preparation Vault security Camera. Suspicion: Subject Alpha is alive. Quarantine level upgraded.
Intercom: Attention! Holo-shields deployed in Independant Research Sector, Psychoarcanic monitoring Complex, Experimental lab red and Security checkpoint.
Intercom: To all remaining personnel, return to the Crucible Access Platform as soon as possible. Holo-shields can be deactivated by level 5 clearance personnel.

Last room of Subject Preparation Vaults:

  • Sad moans are hearable... suddenly a deformed asura appear at the center, highly mutated, it doesn't really looks like an asura anymore, some body feature remind Subject Alpha.
Agent Spire: We found you! Prepare to die!
Injured Inquest Subversion Specialist: (if saved) Kill it with fire!
Injured Inquest Scientist: (if saved) Distract it! Will enable electrical floor tiles to stun it. Redirecting energy from holo-field to them. Avoid standing on.
Agent Spire: (If Inquest Killed) Attract it on the holo-fields to stun it! Sometimes the creature charges!
Agent Spire: Allow me to finish it with that flamethrower! *Kills the last alpha essence.

Once Alpha possessed asura is "dead":

Intercom: Attention! Quarantine now lifted. Alpha is exterminated. As precaution, the entire facility will self-destruct in 30 minutes.
Intercom: Overseer Minx here, request assistance. Unlock the gate to security checkpoint!
Intercom: Impossible. The control panel can't be accessed due to excessive heat from experimental lab red.
Intercom: Protective suits are here near Minx but, we are all injured and we can't use them.

Entering Independent Research Sector

Agent Spire: So the shortest way to reach the exit is by passing through experimental lab red, those gates are still locked. Considering the Plan, we could destroy that wall in front of us, to arrive in Psychoarcanic monitoring Complex. Have to find something to explode that wall...
  • Not so far, in the second room:
Overseer Minx: Incredible! Idiots! What am I sensed to do with those bomb golems, those shield generators and power golems?! All useless! Pitiful!

Joining them: If Inquest saved:

Overseer Plinty Minx! Listen to them! We killed Alpha, and we have a plan to escape! We need to destroy a wall! Help us with your golems!
Overseer Minx: I don't want to die here. *Sigh, I follow you, let's destroy that wall.
  • The golem explode, creating a huge hole in the wall, leading as planned to Psychoarcanic monitoring Complex.
Overseer Minx: The heat is too intense to go in there without protection, take our hazmat suits, we wait all here, unlock the door.

Joining them: If Inquest killed:

Overseer Minx: The intruders! Why you're here huh? We have nothing useful, we are trapped here! Leave us alone!
Agent Spire: We need the bomb golems. Give them to me! Don't force us to take them!
Overseer Minx: You have to pass over me! Shield me! Golem, attack formation!

Once defeated:

Agent Spire: I cut that wire, I rotate those crystals, I press that and hop! Now golem, go destroy that wall!
  • The golem run to the wall and then explode, creating a huge hole in the wall, leading as planned to Psychoarcanic monitoring Complex.
Agent Spire: We need hazmat suits, we will liquefy if we go in there.

Progressing through Psychoarcanic monitoring Complex and Experimental lab red:

Agent Spire: Use the cooling system regularly and avoid those fire eruptions everywhere and it should be okay.

Entering Security Checkpoint through the windows: If Inquest saved:

Agent Spire: So, let's switch force fields again and unlocking that door manually.
Overseer Minx: I never doubted you will succeed!
Overseer Plinty Say the guy who haven't thought about using its bomb golems!
Overseer Minx: *sigh

If not:

Agent Spire: So, let's switch force fields again.

Then in both cases:

Agent Spire: Ah... Normal temperature again. Let's remove those suits. I see the exit! The liberty is at range! Let's go everyone.

On the crucible access platform:

Overseer Kuda: *Spark-teleport from above on platform with its squad. Here comes the specialists! No applauds? Nothing, really?

If Inquest saved:

Overseer Kuda: Oh! Plinty and Minx you are alive? Hurry, pass through the extraction gate dialed in. I will take charge of those intruders myself.
Overseer Kuda: KDA-66, purge protocol. Decontamination level 3.

If not:

Overseer Kuda: You've seen too much. Let's say you were here at the bad moment.
Overseer Kuda: KDA-66, purge protocol. Decontamination level 3.

Once Kuda golem KDA-66 is defeated:

Overseer Kuda: Everything we needed have been recovered, we can bury that place now.
Overseer Kuda: You will pay for this, we will meet again! Be sure about that!


Sorrow's Embrace path 4: Legacy[edit]

A series of murders is happening in the Dredge city, assistance is required to find out what is happening there!

— Description

Legacy path through Sorrow's Embrace