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Guardian tango icon 20px.png Guardian
Fields Purging Flames.png Purging FlamesHallowed Ground.png Hallowed GroundLine of Warding.png Line of WardingRing of Warding.png Ring of WardingSanctuary.png SanctuaryShield of Absorption.png Shield of AbsorptionSymbol of Faith.png Symbol of FaithSymbol of Judgment.png Symbol of JudgmentSymbol of Protection.png Symbol of ProtectionSymbol of Swiftness.png Symbol of SwiftnessSymbol of Wrath.png Symbol of WrathWall of Reflection.png Wall of Reflection
Finishers Judgment (skill).png JudgmentMighty Blow.png Mighty BlowShield of Wrath.png Shield of WrathLeap of Faith.png Leap of FaithBinding Blade.png Binding BladeProtector's Strike.png Protector's StrikeWhirling Wrath.png Whirling Wrath
Warrior tango icon 20px.png Warrior
Fields Combustive Shot.png Combustive Shot
Finishers Arcing Arrow.png Arcing ArrowBanner of Defense.png Banner of DefenseBanner of Discipline.png Banner of DisciplineBanner of Strength.png Banner of StrengthBanner of Tactics.png Banner of TacticsBattle Standard.png Battle StandardEarthshaker.png Earthshaker"Fear Me!".png "Fear Me!"Plant Standard.png Plant StandardStomp.png StompSeismic Leap.png Seismic LeapBull's Charge.png Bull's ChargeDash (Rampage).png DashEviscerate.png EviscerateSavage Leap.png Savage LeapShield Bash.png Shield BashAimed Shot.png Aimed ShotBladetrail.png BladetrailFierce Shot.png Bleeding ShotBrutal Shot.png Brutal ShotDual Shot.png Dual ShotSkill.png ImpaleKill Shot.png Kill ShotMariner's Shot.png Mariner's ShotPin Down.png Pin DownThrow Axe.png Throw AxeThrow Bolas.png Throw BolasThrow Boulder.png Throw BoulderTremor.png TremorVolley.png VolleyCyclone Axe.png Cyclone AxeStaggering Blow.png Staggering BlowWhirling Axe.png Whirling AxeWhirlwind Attack.png Whirlwind AttackBattle Standard.png Whirlwind Banner
Engineer tango icon 20px.png Engineer
Fields Fire Bomb.png Fire BombNapalm.png NapalmEndothermic Shell.png Launch Ice MortarSuper Elixir.png Super ElixirToss Elixir R.png Toss Elixir RPoison Grenade.png Poison GrenadeSkill.png Smoke BombSmoke Screen.png Smoke ScreenCleansing Burst.png Regenerating Mist
Finishers Big Ol' Bomb.png Big Ol' BombBooby Trap.png Booby TrapSkill.png DetonateDetonate Net Turret.png Detonate Flame TurretDetonate Net Turret.png Detonate Healing TurretDetonate Net Turret.png Detonate Net TurretDetonate Net Turret.png Detonate Rifle TurretDetonate Net Turret.png Detonate Rocket TurretDetonate Net Turret.png Detonate Thumper TurretMagnetic Inversion.png Magnetic InversionRocket Boots.png Rocket BootsShock Wave.png Shock WaveSupply Crate.png Supply CrateJump Shot.png Jump ShotFragmentation Shot.png Fragmentation ShotHip Shot.png Hip ShotPersonal Battering Ram.png Personal Battering RamSurprise Shot.png Surprise ShotThrow Wrench.png Throw WrenchThrow Shield.png Throw ShieldTranquilizer Dart.png Tranquilizer Dart
Ranger tango icon 20px.png Ranger
Fields Bonfire.png BonfireFlame Trap.png Flame TrapFrost Trap.png Frost TrapHealing Spring.png Healing Spring
Finishers Monarch's Leap.png Monarch's LeapSwoop.png SwoopConcussion Shot.png Concussion ShotCounter Throw.png Counter ThrowCrippling Shot.png Crippling ShotCrippling Talon.png Crippling TalonCrippling Throw.png Crippling ThrowCrossfire.png CrossfireHunter's Shot.png Hunter's ShotLong Range Shot.png Long Range ShotPath of Scars.png Path of ScarsPoint-Blank Shot.png Point-Blank ShotQuick Shot.png Quick ShotRapid Fire.png Rapid FireRicochet.png RicochetSplitblade.png SplitbladeWhirling Defense.png Whirling Defense
Thief tango icon 20px.png Thief
Fields Shadow Refuge.png Shadow RefugeThrow Gunk.png Throw GunkChoking Gas.png Choking GasExploding Venom Sack.png Exploding Venom SackBlack Powder.png Black PowderSmoke Screen.png Smoke Screen
Finishers Cluster Bomb.png Cluster BombHeartseeker.png HeartseekerBlack Powder.png Black PowderBola Shot.png Bola ShotDancing Dagger.png Dancing DaggerDeluge.png DelugeDisabling Shot (thief short bow skill).png Disabling ShotPoison Tip Strike.png EscapeHeadshot.png Head ShotPiercing Shot.png Piercing ShotRepeater.png RepeaterScorpion Wire.png Scorpion WireShadow Shot.png Shadow ShotShoot Rifle.png Shoot RifleSneak Attack.png Sneak AttackThe Ripper.png The RipperThrow Lava Rock.png Throw Lava RockNet Shot.png Throw NetThrow Boulder.png Throw RockThrow Scale.png Throw ScaleTrick Shot.png Trick ShotUnload.png UnloadBody Shot.png Vital ShotDagger Storm.png Dagger StormDeath Blossom.png Death BlossomWhirling Axe.png Whirling Axe
Elementalist tango icon 20px.png Elementalist
Fields Burning Retreat.png Burning RetreatBurning Speed.png Burning SpeedFlamewall.png FlamewallLava Font.png Lava FontRing of Fire.png Ring of FireFrozen Ground.png Frozen GroundStatic Field.png Static FieldGeyser.png GeyserHealing Rain.png Healing Rain
Finishers Arcane Wave.png Arcane WaveChurning Earth.png Churning EarthComet.png CometDragon's Tooth.png Dragon's ToothEarthquake.png EarthquakeEruption.png EruptionMagnetic Wave.png Magnetic WavePhoenix.png PhoenixThunderclap (Lightning Hammer skill).png ThunderclapFlame Leap.png Flame LeapLightning Leap.png Lightning LeapArcane Blast.png Arcane BlastHurl.png HurlShock Wave.png Shock WaveStone Shards.png Stone ShardsStoning.png StoningFiery Whirl.png Fiery WhirlTornado.png TornadoDust Devil.png Dust Devil
Mesmer tango icon 20px.png Mesmer
Fields Chaos Storm.png Chaos StormFeedback.png FeedbackNull Field.png Null FieldTime Warp.png Time WarpTemporal Curtain.png Temporal CurtainVeil.png Veil
Finishers The Prestige.png The PrestigeIllusionary Leap.png Illusionary LeapPhantasmal Swordsman.png Phantasmal SwordsmanPhase Retreat.png Phase RetreatMagic Bullet.png Magic BulletMirror Blade.png Mirror BladePhantasmal Duelist.png Phantasmal DuelistPhantasmal Warden.png Phantasmal WardenPhantasmal Berserker.png Phantasmal Berserker
Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Necromancer
Fields Well of Corruption.png Well of CorruptionWell of Darkness.png Well of DarknessWell of Power.png Well of PowerWell of Suffering.png Well of SufferingWell of Blood.png Well of BloodSpectral Ring.png Spectral RingChilblains.png ChilblainsCorrosive Poison Cloud.png Corrosive Poison Cloud
Finishers Necrotic Traversal.png Necrotic TraversalPutrid Explosion.png Putrid ExplosionPutrid Mark.png Putrid MarkNecrotic Grasp.png Necrotic Grasp