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Name: Sobeit Groot
Title: "Light in the Darkness"
Date of Birth: 5. February 2017
Joined group: Durmand Priory
Favorite Weapons: Scepter-/-Torch
Nature: Brute
Favorite Food: Bowl of Garlic Kale Sautee
Favorite Utility: Furious Tuning Crystal
Agony Resist: 151
Equipment stats: Viper

My Story

Though trouble may follow me, I overcome it with ferocity. The Pale Tree awakened me during the Cycle of Night, and the most important of Ventari's teachings is: "Where life goes, so too, should you". While in my Dream, I dreamed of the Green Knight, and I'm called to find him.

~This is my story.


Controlling the dead doesn't give you the right to do so. There always needs to be a balance in the world. Too much undead can only be balanced by the living, or the other side around.

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Soul Reaping
Soul Reaping
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Blood Magic
Blood Magic
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