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Generator for User:Tanetris/So You Want To Gear a Character/items.


{{User:Dak393/Sandbox2|Zojja's Reaver}}

{{#vardefine:Zojja's Reaver|
20;Pile of Crystalline Dust
360;Thermocatalytic Reagent
10;Glob of Dark Matter
1;Augur's Stone
16;Glob of Ectoplasm
5;Vial of Powerful Blood
500;Pile of Bloodstone Dust
30;Obsidian Shard
500;Dragonite Ore
500;Empyreal Fragment
540;Iron Ore
60;Lump of Coal
240;Platinum Ore
120;Lump of Primordium
200;Soft Wood Log
150;Seasoned Wood Log
300;Hard Wood Log
600;Mithril Ore
750;Elder Wood Log
30;Orichalcum Ore
30;Ancient Wood Log