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Necrotic Grasp.png Reaper's Mark.png Soul Grasp.png Chilblains.png Putrid Mark.jpg Summon Blood Fiend.png Summon Bone Fiend.png Summon Flesh Wurm.png Summon Shadow Fiend.png Plaguelands.png
No skill No skill No skill No skill No skill Taste of Death.png Rigor Mortis.png Necrotic Traversal.png Haunt.png No skill

Deathly Swarm.png Skill.png Doom.png Life Transfer.png End Death Shroud.png

  • It's a toss-up between Bone Minions and Shadow Fiend.
  • I'm not necessarily convinced that Staff skills are the way to go, but the Scythe animation is pretty awesome; so I'll likely start with a Staff and see where I go from there.