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{{NPC infobox | race = various | image = no | location = Blue World Citadel,Green World Citadel,Red World Citadel | service = Master {{{1}}} }}

Artisan (Master {{{1}}}) is the [[master {{{1}}}]] in Blue World Citadel, Green World Citadel and Red World Citadel. The race and image of Artisan (Master {{{1}}})

  • Are randomly chosen from the preexisting pool of NPCs in Tyria.
  • Differs from borderland to borderland.
  • Changes at the weekly WvW reset and when there is a new release.

Items offered[edit]


{{dialogue/master {{{1}}}}}

This is a template for Artisan NPCs in Borderlands that are each a Master in one of the 8 crafts.


{{Artisan (Master Crafter)|craft}}
Where craft must be either:

  • armorsmith
  • artisan
  • chef
  • huntsman
  • jeweler
  • leatherworker
  • tailor
  • weaponsmith