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Ambient dialogue from Trader's Forum during past Living World releases can be found here.

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Child (asura): Your face is funny. All squished and weird.
Lionguard (charr): No, your face is funny. It's like a little raisin.
Scholar (asura 1): You Statics types. Pff! You'll never achieve true genius.
Scholar (asura 2): We'll get there before you. Dynamics always fails in the long term. Worthless!
Lionguard: Keep it down! If you idiots wanna fight, join a guild.
Citizen (asura 1): This is sure better than working on the krewe back home!
Citizen (asura 2): Yes, no more breaking my back for a demented genius.
Scholar: Mapping this city is harder than it sounds. Things change all the time.
Citizen: Any progress?
Scholar: All I've got so far are streets and a lot of "under new management" signs.
Citizen (1): Who would have thought a government run by pirates would ever succeed?
Citizen (2): Ex-pirates, but I get your meaning. Commerce beats combat.
Citizen (1): And even defuses long-standing racial biases, it would seem.
Citizen (skritt 1): Hey! Where've ya been?
Citizen (skritt 2): Exploring. I found another entrance to the sewers.
Citizen (skritt 1): You shouldn't go slumming like that. It's dangerous.
Citizen (skritt 2): It's wonderful! Respectable folks can't go there, but I wanna live there.
Citizen (skritt 1): If you know about it, the guards have sealed it up by now. Stay up here with me.
Citizen (human): Did you see what he's selling?
Citizen (norn): By Ogden's hammer! What savings!
Fyr Raggedfur makes a suspicious delivery
Gorgonis Bonecrusher: Everything's here.
Gorgonis Bonecrusher: Did you run into any trouble?
Fyr Raggedfur: Nothing I couldn't handle. I never fail to make a delivery.
A charr cub and a human kid play together
Leyah: Hey, do you want to play "ghost and charr" again?
Jordyn: Only if we can both be charr this time. I don't want to be some moldy old ghost!
Leyah: Sure, you can be a charr. It doesn't matter to me what you are. Let's play!
Jordyn: Ahhh! Ghosts!
Leyah: Monsters!
Jordyn: Ahhh! Ghosts!
Leyah: Monsters!
Jordyn: (panting) Ahh, that was so much fun! I love that game.
Leyah: Yeah, it's great. But do you ever wonder why our nations used to fight?
Jordyn: I don't really care. All I know is that you're my best friend.
Leyah: You're mine too. Just don't tell my parents. They'll kill us. (laugh)
Jordyn: I know. Grown-ups act so dumb sometimes. Let me rest a minute, then we can play again.
Sewer minded Asura
Citizen (asura 1): When I find that guy, he's gonna pay.
Citizen (asura 2): I think he's hiding somewhere in the sewers.
Citizen (asura 1): Great, then he's as good as dead.
Citizen (asura 1): Have you ever been to the sewers?
Citizen (asura 2): I don't go there. You don't go there. Nobody goes there.
Citizen (asura 1): I heard skritt go there.
Citizen (asura 2): Well...nobody who matters goes there.
Stolen luggage
Passenger (asura): Well, how...unfortunate. It seems the shipping lanes are not as safe to travel as we were led to believe.
Passenger (norn): Bah! Bear curse those pirates. This is why I rarely travel by boat.
Passenger (sylvari): What an interesting experience. I've never been plundered before.
Passenger (human 1): Let's talk to the captain. He's responsible for this!
Passenger (human 2): Do what you like, man. Me? I'm happy they left us in once piece.
Passenger (human 1): Our things. They're still down there!
Captain Underheim: Are you sure you can't spare a few men to retrieve my passengers' belongings?
Lionguard: Does this armor look water worthy? You're on your own.
Captain Underheim: If I can have your attention. We've got a slight hiccup.
Passenger (human 1): Hiccup? What's that supposed to mean?
Captain Underheim: Your belongings have been retrieved. Unfortunately, it was pirates that retrieved them.
Captain Underheim: But we'll get them back.
Passenger (human 1): You must get our belongings back from these pirates.
Captain Underheim: Are you sure you can't offer some help? Ridding the area of these pirates would benefit the safety of everyone.
Lionguard: I suppose I could spare a few men, but I can't guarantee your passengers will get their belongings.
Lionguard leaves the docks and goes into the sewers
The Lionguard returns with the passengers' belongings. Underheim brings it to the passengers.
Captain Underheim: That's the last of it.
Captain Underheim: Not to worry, everyone. Your belongings are here.
Passenger (human 1): It's about time. I've already missed three appointments.
Passenger (human 1): My pearls! They're not here!
Lionguard: Well, this is everything we found.
Passenger points at Captain Underheim
Passenger (human 1): You! You stole them!
Captain Underheim: Please settle down! What matters is that we all survived.
Consortium Surveyor: Can both claws fit there?
Consortium Surveyor: Down a little more. Keep, keep going.
Doc Halvern: Sickness, flesh wounds...there is no ailment that cannot be cured by some of my krait oil.
Hawker Tahrin: Oh, come on. Like that's going to work on me.


  • The line "By Ogden's hammer, what savings!" is a reference to the movie Galaxy Quest.