Tower of Nightmares/Daily achievements

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Daily Achievement.png
Tower of Nightmares daily achievements
Total achievements: 7 AP.png
Toxic Gardener AP.png
Toxic Offshoot DestructionAid in the destruction of toxic offshoots. 1/1 Toxic Offshoots Destroyed AP.png
Toxic Alliance Slayer AP.png
Kill 20 members of the Toxic Alliance. 20/20 Toxic Alliance Members Killed AP.png
Toxic Field Researcher AP.png
Collect 20 toxic spore samples. 20/20 Toxic Spores Sampled AP.png
Toxic Spore Cleanser AP.png
Kill 3 spore-corrupted creatures. 3/3 Spore-corrupted Creatures Killed AP.png
Toxic Hallucination Slayer AP.png
Kill 20 hallucinations triggered by toxic pollen. 20/20 Toxic Hallucinations Killed AP.png
Toxic Pollen Survival AP.png
Survive in toxic pollen for 30 pulses. 30/30 Toxic Pollen Pulses Survived AP.png
Toxic Krait Historian AP.png
Visit a krait obelisk shard. 1/1 Krait Obelisk Shards Visited AP.png