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This template is used to check for unlocked skins. Format using {{Skin unlock list header}} and {{Skin unlock list result format}}.


{{Skin unlock list|<list of items or skins>|sep = <seperator>}}
{{Skin unlock list|weapon set = <Weapon set name>}}
{{Skin unlock list|armor set = <Armor set name>}}
{{Skin unlock list|skin set = <Skin set name>}}
{{Skin unlock list|collection = <Collection name>}}


1 (unnamed parameter)
List of items or skins.
Optional, seperator of the list, default is comma.
weapon set
Optional, weapon set name, instead of unnamed parameter 1.
armor set
Optional, armor set name, instead of unnamed parameter 1.
skin set
Optional, skin set name, instead of unnamed parameter 1.
Optional, collection name, instead of unnamed parameter 1. By default this is set to PAGENAME, if the page is contained in a collection category.


{{Skin unlock list|Pearl Bludgeoner, Pearl Blunderbuss, Pearl Brazier, Pearl Broadsword, Pearl Carver, Pearl Conch, Pearl Crusher, Pearl Handcannon, Pearl Impaler, Pearl Needler, Pearl Quarterstaff, Pearl Reaver, Pearl Rod, Pearl Sabre, Pearl Shell, Pearl Siren, Pearl Speargun, Pearl Stinger, Pearl Trident}}
{{Skin unlock list|skin set = Pearl weapons}}
{{Skin unlock list|weapon set = Kodan weapons}}
{{Skin unlock list|weapon set = Obsidian weapons}}
{{Skin unlock list|armor set = Ascalonian Performer armor}}
{{Skin unlock list|collection = Gold Fractal Master}}