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{{Parse location|<location>}}
{{Parse location|<location>|print=y}}
{{Parse location|<location>|print=y|categories=y}}

This template parses the given location and sets the variables location, location label, location parent and location zone where appropriate for the type. It is used to uniformly parse locations for infoboxes and prepare the output.

  • The location variable usually contains the exact parameter value, although some normalization may apply, so it is advised to use the variable as the output instead of the exact parameter value.
  • The location label will be either Area, Zone, Region, Dungeon or Location as a fallback.
  • The location parent variable will be only set for areas and zones.
  • The location zone will be set to the zone (or dungeon) name and is used as the category name in case the categorization is enabled.


unnamed parameter 1
Location value. Can be any location, for example an area, a region, a zone or a dungeon.
Optional. If this parameter is set, the generated values will be automatically printed in an infobox friendly format:
; Label
: Location<br /><small>(Parent location)</small>
The parent location is only included when the template could determine an appropriate value. The location will be automatically linked and also sets the Property:Located in property.
Optional. If this parameter is set and an appropriate category could be determined, the template will automatically categorize the page. The categorization will only apply, if the article is in the main namespace and if it is not marked as historical.


{{Parse location|Godslost Swamp|print=y}}
Godslost Swamp
{{Parse location|Queensdale|print=y}}
{{Parse location|Kryta|print=y}}