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Generates a list of NPCs based on the input parameters. Format using {{drop table result format}} and {{drop table header}}.

{{vendor table
| item =
| location =
| rank =
| race =


All parameters are used as criteria for certain properties within the semantic query.

Parameter Maps to property
item Property:Drops item
location Property:Located in
rank Property:Has NPC rank
race Property:Has race


{{drop table|item=Embroidered Saddlebag}}
NPC Rank Level Location Event
Champion Alpha Wolf Champion 70 Sloven Pitch (Fireheart Rise)
Champion Braek Baredfang Champion 80 Omiramba Sand Sea (Crystal Oasis)
Sifuri Sand Sea (Crystal Oasis)
The Sinking Ruins (Crystal Oasis)
Champion Grinteeth Champion 80 Diviner's Reach (Desert Highlands)
Salt Flats (Desert Highlands)
Champion Harathi Overlord Champion 25 Overlord's Greatcamp (Kessex Hills)
Champion Harathi Warrior Champion 30 Ascalon Settlement (Gendarran Fields)
Champion Havocwreaker Champion 80 Windshear Scarps (Desert Highlands)
Brightwater Inlet (Desert Highlands)
Champion Modniir Chief Champion 37 Splintered Teeth (Harathi Hinterlands)
Champion Modniir Commander Champion 43 Modniir Gorge (Harathi Hinterlands)
Champion Modniir Leader Champion 25 Darkhoof Heights (Snowden Drifts)
Champion Modniir Overlord Champion 37 Thunder Rock (Harathi Hinterlands)
Champion Tamini Mogul Champion 27 Stonebore Vaults (Gendarran Fields)
Champion War Beast Champion 30, 42 Ascalon Settlement (Gendarran Fields)
Northfields (Gendarran Fields)
Modniir Gorge (Harathi Hinterlands)
Elite Modniir High Sage Elite 30 Blood Hill Camps (Gendarran Fields)
Modniir Ulgoth Champion 43 Modniir Gorge (Harathi Hinterlands)
Siegemaster Immelhoof Legendary 80 Harvest Cascades (Lake Doric)