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How are these acquired?

I don't know when you posted this...I had an acquisition subtitle up with no information so that people could easily add any seen drops to the page but apparently it was deleted...I have a very different thought process than the people who patrol the wiki I guess but really with all the incompleteness it would be fit to have something like that up...I know that charged materials are found in the Crucible of Eternity dungeon on explorable mode (from chests), but I have also found random rare crafting materials in loot bags (for example I found a crystal fragment in a loot bag dropped outside the Citadel of Flames dungeon, which contains molten materials). So I am guessing that it is possible to get them from any loot bag. Since they are found in CoE, I also assume that they can be dropped by inquest and air elementals, and MAYBE branded foes, but that may be crystal materials. Sorry I can't help more but if you find any rare crafting materials please post where you found them on the discussion page for that material so I can add them in. Cexypenguins 23:52, 12 November 2012 (UTC)