Skritt stowaways have taken over the princesses' hamlet!

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Skritt stowaways have taken over the princesses' hamlet! is an event that occurs in The Toymaker's Airship.


  • Retake the princess dolls' hamlet from the skritt.
  • Princess Doll's Hamlet
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A new mob of Skritt spawn when fewer than two of their previous cohort remain.

The hamlet is reclaimed while a player is within the coloured ring and Skritt are outside it. The event can be soloed by:

  1. kill all but two of a cohort
  2. position yourself within the coloured ring
  3. use Push skills tactically to knock Skritt outside the ring
  4. stand on the border of the ring so that you continue to claim the hamlet but the Skritt can continue to attack you without entering the claiming zone
  5. stop (auto) attacking the Skritt; just heal yourself until the hamlet is reclaimed





When the event begins
Announcer: Attention: crisis in progress.
When the event is over
Announcer: Congratulations. You are victorious.