Searing Ascent (jumping puzzle)

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Searing Ascent

Searing Ascent (jumping puzzle) map.jpg
Map of Searing Ascent

Searing Ascent is a jumping puzzle in Draconis Mons, starting at the Searing Ascent point of interest. At the end of the jumping puzzle is an Ancient Chest, and completing the jumping puzzle the first time awards the Searing Ascent achievement.


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Related achievements[edit]

Searing Ascent Flashpoint.png Flashpoint Heart of Thorns mastery point 10 AP.png
Complete the Searing Ascent.Taking the scenic route... Got to Titan's Throat by Scaling the Searing Ascent 10 AP.png
Draconis Mons Master Legendary Trinkets.png Legendary Trinkets AP.png
Collect all 14 items to prove your mastery over Draconis Mons.
Unlock Item:Sentient Seed.png Sentient Seed
Reward:Draconis Mons Hero.png Draconis Mons Hero
Collected 14 Items AP.png