Ronan's Bower

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Ronan's Bower

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The Grove

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Ronan's Bower

Ronan's Bower is part of the Depths level of the Grove.


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Ronan's Waypoint —





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Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citizen (1): Have you heard? There's a human in the Grove.
Citizen (2): I heard. I plan to go in search of it tomorrow.
Citizen (1): The datura bush outside my hut is blooming. Its flowers spiral open.
Citizen (2): I've seen them. They have great wisdom.
Citizen (1): In her eyes, I am dishonored. I cannot even look at her in my current state.
Citizen (2): My friend, you couldn't help what happened.
Citizen (1): It doesn't matter. I failed, and therefore, I am unworthy of her love.
Citizen (1): I must win back her favor.
Citizen (2): Forget her. You'll find another love.
Citizen (1): Don't say such things. How could I forget her when she rules my heart?
Citizen (1): I'll challenge her new love to a duel.
Citizen (2): But you lost to him last time.
Citizen (1): This time I'll be ready. I'll practice until my hands bleed.
Citizen (1): He left yesterday. One minute he was here, and the next, he was gone.
Citizen (2): You're not surprised, I assume?
Citizen (1): I sensed his restlessness, though I'd hoped for some warning.
Citizen (2): The wind gives no warning. It blows where it will and takes the leaves by surprise.
Citizen (1): I've heard hylek drums recently. If you're going beyond the Grove tonight, be careful.
Citizen (2): I will. I know the hylek have been restless.
Citizen (1): I met one, outside Lion's Arch. That city holds many dangers.
Citizen (2): You met someone from the Nightmare Court? And survived?
Citizen (1): I did. Others...didn't.
Citizen (2): What are they like?
Citizen (1): Members of the Nightmare Court are cruel. They're capable of terrible evil.
Citizen (1): When you're near them, you feel nothing from them but cold emptiness.
Citizen (1): When the Nightmare Court was stalking us, it was the darkest night I've ever known.
Citizen (2): You must have been terrified. How did you get away?
Citizen (1): We ran faster than those who didn't.