Ride Broom

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Ride Broom.png

Ride Broom

7 Recharge time  

Common Common
Enchanted Broom
Costume Brawl
Weapon slot 4
Game link

Jump on your broom and ride around.

 Brawler Protection.png Brawler Protection (3m): Blocks all costume brawl skills.

— In-game description [?]

You summon a broomstick as a bundle and can ride it around. Acts similar to a bundle, where your weapon skills are replaced with Stop Riding in the first slot.


  • Stop Riding will be in the first weapon slot.
  • If used while in costume brawl, it grants Brawler Protection for 3 minutes. The protection will end prematurely if anything makes the character stop riding the broom.
  • Empties endurance and prevents regeneration until several seconds after you get off.
  • It cannot be used while stunned, but it can be used while other skills are being channeled, this often interrupts them but raises Brawler Protection instantly.


  • Human characters will have excessively happy faces while riding the broom.