Return transformed hylek to their true form

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Return transformed hylek to their true form

Event maps
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Interactive map

Interactive map

Return transformed hylek to their true form is a level 9 dynamic event that occurs in Glencarn Sperrins. After opening the Mysterious Chest, Patli will emerge and start the event.


  • Speak to Patli for information on clearing transformations.
  • Transformed Hylek Rescued
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Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 664 Experience.png 58 Karma 14 Copper coin
Silver 381 Experience.png 50 Karma 12 Copper coin
Bronze 336 Experience.png 44 Karma 10 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 9 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.


Purple effect on the animals.

Hylek transformed into animals (they can be recognized by a purple glow and the Confusion.png Disoriented effect) can be either returned to their normal forms by defeating them and reviving the hylek, or by talking to Patli, receiveing Patli's Saliva from her and using the first skill, Throw Saliva, on the animals. Throwing the skill on unaffected animals will make them attack you. The second skill, Consume Saliva, grants random amount of buffs: Might.png Might, Vigor.png Vigor, Fury.png Fury, Protection.png Protection or Regeneration.png Regeneration. There is also a chance to turn into a random animal transformation, indicated by Transformation.png Transformed.

Patli's Saliva[edit]

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Throw Crystal Shard.png Throw Saliva 0.25¼ 1 Throw the hylek saliva at your target. If the target is a transformed hylek, the transform will be removed on hit.
2 Eat.png Consume Saliva 1 Consume the saliva to gain boons. May have side effects.

Consume Saliva transformations[edit]





On the Zopatl Grounds, before event
Ciucoatl: Come along now. I have a new home for you nearby.
Ciucoatl somehow enchances Ollin and Tllali, who suddenly follow her.
Near the hut
Ciucoatl: You'll make a good little pet.
Ciucoatl transforms Ollin and Tllali into boars and then she disappears.
After freeing Patli from the Mysterious Chest
Patli: Thank you. A krait witch took me captive and forced me to use my magic.
Patli: I'm ashamed to admit it, but I transformed a number of hylek into animals.
Patli: I'm certain they're nearby. Please help them.
During event
Patli: Hylek saliva can be used to transform the captives back to their true forms.
Patli: Speak to me if you need hylek saliva.
Rescuing a hylek
Rescued Zopatl Villager: My people thank you.
Event success
Patli: Success is ours!


  • The services of Ollin and Tlalli are unavailable during the event as they have been captured by Ciucoatl/the Krait Witch.