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Disambig icon.png This article is about the PvP version of the Modniir weapon set. For the actual PvP Tribal weapons set, see PvP Forest weapons.
PvP Tribal weapons were PvP rewards available from Tiger Reward Chests, or crafted at the Mystic Forge.


Hand Weapon Game link
Main Hand
Modniir Eviscerator.png PvP Tribal Axe
Modniir Carver.png PvP Tribal Dagger
Modniir Punisher.png PvP Warclub
Modniir Revolver.png PvP Tribal Flintlock
Modniir Baton.png PvP Tribal Baton
Modniir Saber.png PvP Tribal Blade
Off hand Modniir Effigy.png PvP Tribal Talisman
Modniir Harbinger.png PvP Warcaller
Modniir Wartorch.png PvP Tribal Beacon
Modniir Ward.png PvP Tribal Bulwark
Terrestrial Modniir Sunderer.png PvP Tribal Greatsword
Modniir Pulverizer.png PvP Tribal Mattock
Modniir Flatbow.png PvP Tribal Bow
Modniir Boomstick.png PvP Tribal Musket
Modniir Stinger.png PvP Tribal Short Bow
Modniir Quarterstaff.png PvP Warstaff
Aquatic Legionnaire Spear.png PvP Tribal Spear
Modniir Boomstick.png PvP Tribal Harpoon Gun
Legionnaire Staff.png PvP Tribal Trident


  • Despite the name, the entire set uses Modniir weapon skins, the exception being the harpoon gun and the trident, which use Legionnaire weapon skins.


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