PvP Summit weapons

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PvP Summit weapons were PvP rewards available from Tiger Reward Chests, or crafted at the Mystic Forge.


Item Type Item link
Main hand
Dredge Bonehewer.png PvP Summit Reaver Axe
Dredge Bloodletter.png PvP Summit Knife Dagger
Dredge Flanged Mace.png PvP Summit Morning Star Mace
Dredge Firearm.png PvP Summit Pistol Pistol
Dredge Baton.png PvP Summit Baton Scepter
Dredge Edge.png PvP Summit Broadsword Sword
Off hand
Dredge Canary.png PvP Focus Focus
Dredge Double Horn.png PvP Summit Bugle Warhorn
Dredge Lamp.png PvP Summit Lantern Torch
Dredge Barricade.png PvP Summit Bulwark Shield
Dredge Sunderer.png PvP Summit Flamberge Greatsword
Dredge Pulverizer.png PvP Summit Maul Hammer
Dredge Reflex Bow.png PvP Summit Longbow Longbow
Dredge Boomstick.png PvP Summit Rifle Rifle
Dredge Short Bow.png PvP Summit Short Bow Short bow
Dredge Pillar.png PvP Summit Stave Staff
Dredge Spear.png PvP Summit Spear Spear
Dredge Boomstick.png PvP Summit Harpoon Gun Harpoon gun
Dredge Pillar.png PvP Summit Trident Trident


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