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Pink Day in LA 2012[edit]

October 20th 12pm - 6pm (CDT)

It is that wonderful time of year again when we gather together in-game and get in touch with our Pink Sides! (For a great cause!)

This time around we have a lot going on, so read on for more details!

What Is Pink Day in LA?[edit]

Pink Day in LA is a charity fundraising event, hosted within the game of Guild Wars, and with the release of Guild Wars 2, it too will see some pink love! The aim of the event is to raise support and awareness for breast cancer during the month of October (breast cancer awareness month). The event is currently supported and organised by the Gaming World Entertainment Network and Gamers Giving Back.

Pink Day in LA History[edit]

"On June 16th, 2007, the first Pink Day in LA took place in the international districts of Lion's Arch which was full of players in different armor sets all dyed a different shade of pink."


The first Pink Day in LA took place on June 16th 2007 and was followed up with an event in 2008. The original organisers could not commit to hosting the event in 2009. In 2010 GW-EN and Gamer's Giving Back revived the event and raised over $11,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society, surpassing the original goal of $1,337. This was only achieved due to the generosity, support, and awesomeness of the Guild Wars community.

What happens during the event?[edit]

First and foremost, everyone wears pink!

In 2010, ArenaNet added the pink dye vendor Rosa Salvitas especially for the event. We hope she will make a third appearance for this year's event!

This year is a special one as ArenaNet has successfully launched Guild Wars 2 and while I'm sure everyone will be playing it, we will be in BOTH Guild Wars 1 AND Guild Wars 2!

Listen to the event stream[1] and join the events in Lion's Arch. Details at Pink Day's website[2]

Guild Wars 1[edit]

We will have up to 3 International districts of Lion's Arch dedicated to this year's event!

Each district will have in-game trivia and catering for all those with a sweet tooth or a mighty thirst!

As always, for answering trivia correctly you can win a number of goodies from the game, including but not limited to:

  • Rare Minipets
  • Ectos
  • Z-keys
  • Full Armor Sets
  • Armor Remnants
  • Hall of Monument Weapons
  • Title Track Consumables
  • And more!

Guild Wars 2[edit]

Since GW 2 is so new and guesting has not be implemented yet, we have come up with a strategy to make sure that everyone can participate to the fullest. We really want people to be able to participate. So, we have a possible 9 servers that are prepared to be hosted for the actual in-game event. Details are as follows*

* Servers and Details are subject to change based on changes over the next month. (Thanks for your patience)

Hosted Servers = Events will be planned for the server, but other servers are welcome to be Pink in Lion's Arch with their own events based on guild/alliance discretion!

  • Henge of Denravi
  • Underworld **
  • Darkhaven **
  • Desolation
  • Dragonbrand
  • Gunnar's Hold
  • Stormbluff Isle
  • Jade Quarry
  • Darkhaven **
  • Sanctum of Rall
  • Aurora Glade
  • Gate of Madness **
  • Isle of Janthir
  • Tarnished Coast
  • Northern Shiverpeaks **
  • Elona Reach **
  • Ehmry Bay **
  • Devona's Reach
  • Baruch Bay **
  • Black Gate **
  • Fort Aspenwood (NA)
  • Yak's Bend
  • Crystal Desert
  • Eredon Terrace **
  • Maguuma

** These servers need more volunteers - Please email Rhonda at if you are willing to join the hosting with that server! If volunteers are not found, these servers will not be supported

For a server to be active for hosting for Pink Day in LA, they need a dedicated 10 volunteers to be trained for the in-game events that are to be carried out! Please email Rhonda (Malibu Barbie) at if your guild, alliance, or website is interested in hosting a different server that is not listed above. Details are still being worked on, but 10 is the amount needed for the 6 hours of the event.

Guild Wars 2 Activities[edit]
  • The Pink Day in LA 'Poker Rally' (Details to be announced closer to the event along with prizes!)
  • The Ultimate Diving Board Competition
  • Crafting Competition (For ALL servers!*)
  • In-game Race for the Cure

* The Crafting Competition will be open to all servers whether they are hosted or not as the results will be mailed to a GW-EN representative announced on air!

Rift, League of Legends, and Firefall[edit]

Though we do not have specific events planned for each of these games, we encourage everyone playing during Pink Day to help spread the word and spruce up the game world with a little bit of pink!

The prizes for these games will be given out as donation prizes, Twitter/Facebook Giveaways, and on-air prizes.


Once again, the goal for this year's Pink Day is $13,337.00

All donations go directly to the Canadian Cancer Society! To make a donation and to be in a raffle with a chance to win some exciting prizes, visit the official donation page.


Please include your IGN (In-Game Name) with your donation if you are contributing! This will be helpful for us when it comes to the prize drawing list. All people who donate will have a set of prizes that they have a chance to win for contributing!

What you need to do:

  1. Post your IGN along with your real name (optional) when donating. (IF you do not play Guild Wars, make sure your name is included as some of the prizes are NOT in-game items :) )
  2. E-mail with a number from 1-1000. If duplicate numbers are chosen,we will keep picking prizes from the list until we move on to the next number selected! *
  3. If you are selected as a winner, you will be contacted via the e-mail used to select your number. If the prize needs to be mailed to your home, you will need to at this time provide your address.

* Multiple donations of more than $10 are only counted as one entry for the raffle.

** If you donated to the team page rather than the Pink Day page, DON'T FRET. You can still e-mail a number in and it still goes to the Canadian Cancer Society!

The Prize List[edit]

This list is to be updated over the next few weeks as we are awaiting prize confirmations and working out details of GW2 in-game prizes! Updated Prize List at Pink Day Webiste[3]

On-Air Prizes[edit]

  • 1 Obsidian Armor (Guild Wars 1)
  • 1 Vabbian Armor (Guild Wars 1)
  • 1 Kuunavang Prize Pack (Guild Wars 1)
  • 2 GW2 T-Shirt Costume Codes (Guild Wars 2)
  • League of Legends Skin Codes (Graves and Arcade Sona)
  • Rift/End of Nations Skin Codes/Exclusive Items
  • Rift/End of Nations T-Shirts
  • Choice of Pink Dyes (from Rosa Salvitas in Guild Wars 2!)
  • 2 Pink Moa Minipets (Guild Wars 2)
  • Ectos! (Both Guild Wars 1 & 2)

Server Prizes[edit]

  • Different on each server

Donation Prizes[edit]

  • 1 Logitech G600 Mouse
  • 1 Minnie Mouse drawing by a Disney Artist (dedicated to Pink Day in LA with autograph!)
  • "Logray" The Ewok Medicine Man - 65 Card Back - Unopened from purchase date of 1983
  • Amazing Spiderman Comic #252 (First Introduction of Venom as "The Alien Costume")
  • Wolverine Limited Edition Comics #1-4
  • 2 Pictures of Jonathan "Fatality" Wendell (Autographed)
  • 1 Robert Englund "Freddie Lives" (Autographed)
  • 1 Scarface Photo (Autographed)
  • 1 Dennis Rodman (Autographed)
  • 1 Piece of the Titantic Staircase
  • 1 Evidence Marker from Blair Witch Project
  • 1 Door Frame Piece from Blair Witch Project
  • 2 Oswald "Ears" Hats
  • 2 Charr Plushies
  • 2 Defiance Plushies
  • 10 GW 2 T-Shirts (6 grey GW2 style and 4 Rytlock artwork designed)
  • 4 Artwork of Guild Wars 2 Books
  • Warface Hats
  • Pink Day in LA PJs (Choice of Men or Womens)
  • Pink Day in LA T-Shirt
  • Gamer's Giving Back T-Shirt
  • 2 FireFall Hoodies
  • 2 Firefall T-Shirts
  • 1 Razer Water Bottle and Hat
  • 1 Assassin's Creed 3 - 3D Artwork
  • Red Roots CD Pack (see for details on this band)
  • Rift and End of Nation's T-Shirts (New and Old from PAX)
  • League of Legends T-Shirt
  • Guild Wars 2 Water Bottle and GW 1 Random Pins

Donation-only prizes are only available to people that have donated a minimum of $10 (CND) and follow the steps outlined on the donator's page. You will have up to 3 months after the event to collect and claim your prizes. If you fail to do so within that time period the prizes will be donated to another event.

Show Your Support[edit]

Download our Media Kit and share information on YOUR Website about the event! Pink Day Media Kit

Follow @PinkDayinLA on Twitter!

Use:{{User Support Pink Day}}.


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