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Phoenix (race)

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Phoenixes are birds that have historically been pets of the Canthan emperors. They have been referred to as "representations of fiery eternity in the Underworld".[1] There are several known varieties of phoenix: the elusive rainbow phoenix, the common phoenix and the imperial phoenix.


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Pet Family Power.png Precision.png Toughness.png Vitality.png Condition Damage.png Ferocity.png Healing Power.png Environment Archetype Unique skills
Juvenile Phoenix Phoenix 1,868 2,211 1,524 1,524 700 0 0 Terrestrial Ferocious Gale Breath.png Gale Breath


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  1. ^ Nahpui Quarter signpost
    The Phoenix, the representation of fiery eternity in the Underworld.
    Hai Jii was the youngest of eight sons from a noble family long known for producing talented Warriors. He did not like to fight, preferring to wield his paintbrush with which he had unsurpassed skill. One evening, his family was attacked by a neighboring warlord. Hai Jii was tortured and left for dead, but as the invaders swept down upon his two baby sisters, he arose, took up the sword he had so despised, and single-handedly killed every invader. When his grim task was complete, Hai Jii dropped to his knees and begged Grenth to see to it that his family's murderers found no peace in the afterlife. Grenth heard Hai Jii's prayers, dooming the souls of the murderers to an eternity of fiery torture.