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Overwolf is a software platform which offers a variety of applications in game. It is used by PC video gamers enabling them to do a variety of actions in game that would normally necessitate tabbing out of game (e.g. browse the internet, watch YouTube videos or upload pictures to Facebook and Twitter). Overwolf also gives users the ability to record games, stream their gameplay to Twitch and has applications developed for Guild Wars 2.

Currently no apps are supported for GW2 on the Overwolf platform.

Many apps were available for GW2 on Overwolf in the past. You can find available apps on the official GW2 store category by using the following link: https://www.overwolf.com/browse-by-game/guild-wars-2


These apps still work but are legacy and unsupported by Overwolf: they won't show up in the Overwolf settings and are hidden from searches at Overwolf.

Name Link
GW2 Map http://www.overwolf.com/app/GW2-Map
Guild Wars 2 Pocket Knife http://www.overwolf.com/app/Guild-Wars-2-Pocket-Knife
GW2 Spidy http://www.overwolf.com/app/GW2-Spidy-GW2-Spidy
GW2 Tactician http://www.overwolf.com/app/Tactician
GW2 Worldboss Chaser http://www.overwolf.com/app/BerenEinhand.6357-Guild_Wars_2_Worldboss_Chaser

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