Order's Terrace

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Order's Terrace

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The Grove

Order's Terrace.jpg
Order's Terrace

Order's Terrace is an area in the west of The Grove. Like the name suggests, camps of the Orders of Tyria are located there.


Points of Interest
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Durmand Posting
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Gardenroot Tunnel
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The Hidden Shelter
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Vigil Shelter




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Warden: A true warrior dedicates his life to training and upholding the natural laws.
Warden: All life is sacred, but not guaranteed. A warrior must be ready to sacrifice his own life to save his fellows.
Traveler: This from a guy who's younger than my calluses.
Citizen (1): I wonder whether he feels the loss of us... the way I feel the loss of him.
Citizen (2): If nothing else, sweet pea, I would imagine that he feels your loss of him.