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Engineer Bugs Compilation on the Official Forums I add the bugs here before I add them to the forums.


  • If you jump and swap to or from a kit with Sigil of Hydromancy or Sigil of Geomancy, the cooldown of the Sigil will get used and you will gain no benefit from the Sigil. All other weapon swap Sigils function properly when jumping.
  • Equipping a Weapon Kit in sPvP will cause your character sheet to display PvE/WvW weapons instead of the sPvP weapons.
  • Certain skills such as grenade go through destructible object such as the keep wall in WvW.
  • Turrets will target already destroyed objects (carts, weapons racks, cannons, doors, walls, etc)
  • All movement skills with a specific distance (Overcharged Shot, Rocket Boots, Acid Bomb) have a reduced effect when chilled.
  • Kits can be equipped in town clothes. Equipping the kit switches you out of town clothes after a few seconds.
  • Swapping to a kit while gathering causes the item you’re gathering to become ruined regardless of the gathering tool you use.
  • While operating any siege weaponry, if you change a kit on your utility bar, you will be locked into the siege weapon. No utilities will work and the only way to disengage from the siege weapon is to be knocked back/pushed by an enemy or by using Overcharged Shot.

Weapon Skills[edit]


  • Overcharged Shot will occasionally go on recharge without doing anything on activation. This seems to happen when your target moves behind you and you’re immobilized or when your target’s elevation is different than yours (up a steep hill in Forest of Nifhel). This can also happen when the target moves out of range/reach of the attack.
  • Jump Shot will occasionally appear to land away from the ground you targeted. When this happens, your character will teleport to where you were supposed to land (the spot you actually targeted) after 2-3 seconds. However, if the Jump Shot has you fall off an edge, it will NOT teleport you back to the correct location and you will take falling damage.


  • Explosive Shot says it will explode and apply Bleeding to all nearby foes. It only applies Bleeding to the first target it hits.
  • Explosive Shot does not function with any traits that alter Explosives (Shrapnel, Explosive Powder, Steel-Packed Powder). This is likely intended but the verbiage used in the description of Explosive Shot is very misleading.
  • Blowtorch and Poison Dart Volley will often miss destructible objects. Blowtorch will frequently miss targets that are in front of you if you are strafing even though the flame graphic strikes your target.

Utility Skills[edit]


  • Healing Turret's Cleansing Burst says it will remove all conditions on use but it only removes 2 conditions. This is a description error. Additionally, Cleansing Burst will occasionally fail to remove any conditions even when it has definitely activated (visual cue). This only happens in PvE/WvW.


  • Toss Elixir H says it can give Protection, Regeneration, or Swiftness. The boon icons on the ability and the boons it actually gives are Protection, Regeneration, and Vigor.
  • Elixir U only gives 4 seconds of Quickness when paired with Haste and 3 seconds of Quickness with Quickening Zephyr. Frenzy works as described (5 seconds). They should all give 5 seconds of Quickness.
  • Toss Elixir R has a recharge of 110 seconds instead of 120 seconds in PvE/WvW (description says 120 seconds). It's recharge in sPvP is working as intended at 120 seconds.
  • Underwater Toss Elixir H's description shows very long boon durations. The boons last closer to their land durations.
  • Underwater Toss Elixir S says it only grants Stability but it can grant Stability OR Stealth.
  • Underwater Toss Elixir U says "target location" in the description when it does not use ground targeting.


  • Turret (All Turrets) when picked up immediately after being placed does not trigger the reduced recharge.

Weapon Kits[edit]

  • Elixir Gun's Super Elixir can't be manually detonated underwater in PvE/WvW. Works fine in sPvP.
  • Elixir Gun’s Super Elixir and Acid Bomb don’t work with any Elixir related traits even though they’re listed as Elixirs.
  • Elixir Gun’s Super Elixir removes a condition from the Engineer but isn’t mentioned on the tooltip.
  • Elixir Gun's Elixir F sometimes doesn't grant swiftness, even when the glob hits and the animation is triggered.
  • The glob from Elixir Gun's Elixir F will not return to you somewhere between 600 and 900 range. This is especially a problem with the Rifled Barrels trait which makes Elixir F have a 1200 range.
  • Flamethrower’s Flame Jet and Elixir Gun's Fumigate will often miss targets and destructible objects (when the player and its target are at even slightly different elevations). It also appears to be affected by camera angle. [1]
  • Flamethrower’s Flame Blast will often be obstructed after using Air Blast and will not explode when hitting the environment.
  • Bomb Kit's Combo Fields show the graphic to indicate that they are a Combo Field BEFORE the bombs detonate. You cannot use the Combo Fields from these skills until AFTER the bombs detonate.


  • Throw Mine will disappear if not detonated after about 60 seconds. Its outline also disappears. Detonate remains on the Engineer’s skill bar and does nothing when activated. The skill goes on full recharge when this happens.
  • Mine Field does not say in its description that each mine removes a boon from enemies it hits. This is a description error.
  • Mines from Throw Mine and Mine Field stay deployed even after changing skills.
  • Slick Shoes’ Tool Belt Super Speed ignores movement slowing conditions (chilled, crippled). This may be intended but it lacks a proper description.
  • Rocket Boots does not clear Crippled, Chilled, and Immobilized until after it launches the user.


  • Supply Crate does not work with Runes that proc when you use an Elite skill (e.g. Superior Rune of the Monk or Superior Rune of Lyssa).
  • Mortar shots are sometimes delayed and cause shots to not fire even though the cooldown is used. On other occasions, shots will still be delayed but then fire off in quick succession.
  • Elixir X is not affected by boon duration runes or traits. Also, you can only gain the duration increase from one trait that increases the duration of Elixir X: Elite Supplies or Potent Elixirs. If you take both, you only gain a single duration increase (about 20%).
  • If you have Med Kit equipped when you use Elixir X, a floating Med Kit backpack will appear where you are standing but only if Elixir X gives you Tornado.[2]


  • Vine Shield is not affected by Tool Belt recharge rate increases.



  • Forceful Explosives causes the radius of the Bomb dropped by Kit Refinement and Evasive Powder Keg to substantially decrease instead of increasing.
  • Underwater Grenadier does not increase the range of Freeze Grenade in sPvP. It does not increase the range of Freeze Grenade and Grenade Barrage in PvE/WvW.
  • Short Fuse taken with Grenadier does not correctly reduce the recharge of Grenades when under water.
  • Short Fuse does not reduce the cooldowns of Tool Belt abilities such as Big Ol' Bomb and Grenade Barrage. (Possibly intended, see discussion).
  • Forceful Explosives doesn’t show the radius change on skill tooltips.
  • Accelerant-Packed Turrets explosions don’t trigger any explosion related traits.


  • Hair Trigger doesn’t work properly with any Harpoon Gun skills.
  • Rifled Barrels changes Tranquilizer Dart’s Weakness and Bleed duration to 3s when it should be 1s and 4s respectively.
  • Rifled Barrels does not improve the range of Overcharged Shot.
  • Rifled Barrels does not improve the range of Elixir Gun's Fumigate.
  • Rifled Barrels reduces the recharge of Elixir Gun's Elixir F from 8 to 5 seconds.
  • Rifled Barrels changes the description of Super Elixir to only show the bonus from Healing Power instead of the total healing. The skill will still heal for the correct amount.
  • Fireforged Trigger and Rifled Barrels have some bugs when used together.
    • Does not reduce the recharge of Elixir F, but Elixir F is already reduced to 5 seconds because of Rifled Barrels.
    • Does reduce recharge of Fumigate. Probably because Fumigate is not being affected by Rifled Barrels.
    • Does reduce recharge of Acid Bomb from 15 to 12 seconds. Once the recharge gets to 10 seconds, it resets back to 12 seconds.
    • Does not reduce recharge of Super Elixir.
  • Juggernaut should give you 200 Toughness but it scales with level giving less than 200 below level 80. This may be a description bug. Traits like Reinforced Shield and Shield Master do not scale with level.



  • Deadly Mixture does not display increased damage on descriptions. It does increase the damage, however.
  • Self-Regulating Defenses does not trigger when your health reaches 25%. It appears to trigger closer to 20% health.
  • HGH does not give you a stack of Might when you use an Elixir under the effects of Elixir S.
  • HGH does not say it gives 2 stacks of Might. This is a description bug.
  • HGH only gives 1 stack of Might for tossed elixirs.
  • Fast-Acting Elixirs has a few issues:
    • It does not reduce the recharge of any Tool Belt Elixirs in sPvP.
    • It does not reduce the recharge of any Elixir Gun skills in PvE/WvW or sPvP even though they are labeled with the special text, 'Elixir.'
    • It does reduce the recharge of Tool Belt Elixirs in PvE/WvW but only by 10%. The only exception to this is Toss Elixir R which has an incorrect recharge to begin with.
  • Potent Elixirs does not work with Toss Elixir H (Vigor boon), Toss Elixir C (all boons), Elixir U (all utilities), and Elixir Gun's Acid Bomb and Super Elixir (both listed as Elixirs).
  • Potent Elixirs causes Toss Elixir H to occasionally give 2 boons instead of 1. These boons have incorrect durations (shortened).
  • Cleaning Formula 409 effect occurs before Elixir C giving less boons than intended. Toss Elixir H does not remove a condition underwater.
  • Automated Response does not clarify that it does not remove conditions applied before reaching 25% health.


  • Passive increased Tool Belt Recharge Rate doesn’t work at all with Mine Field (Throw Mine Tool Belt) and doesn't show the modified recharge on any Tool Belt skill descriptions.
  • Adrenaline Pump doesn’t work with any turrets tool belt skills.
  • Kit Refinement doesn’t work underwater with any Kit except Bomb Kit.
  • Deployable Turrets only allows ground targeting with Healing and Rocket Turrets in PvE/WvW. Ground targeting works with all turrets in sPvP.
  • Scope trait does not properly apply the 10% crit chance buff when not moving. [4]. Confirmed :(
  • Static Discharge does not target enemies properly with skill-shot Tool Belt abilities (e.g. Mine Field). It works fine with Tool Belt abilities that are not skill-shots (e.g. Analyze) For Tossed Elixirs skills the discharge will occur at the end of the animation, but during this period all skill activation/queuing will be halted until the discharge fires.
  • Inertial Converter does not say it has an internal cooldown in its description. It doesn't work every time your health reaches 25% health so either the description is missing important information or the trait isn't working properly.
  • Packaged Stimulants has the following issues:
    • All Med Kit skills change to a 15 second recharge. Bandages should have a 12 second recharge. Stimulant should have a 20 second recharge.
    • Drop Stimulant (changes to Throw Stimulant) cannot be picked up if you already have Swiftness or Fury. It also
    • The duration of Fury and Swiftness from Throw Stimulant are 15 seconds but should be 10 seconds.
  • Power Wrench does not give Smack and Throw Wrench a 5 second Cripple; the Cripple lasts about 1 second.

Description Errors[edit]

Graphics Errors[edit]

  • Using Elixir S as an Asura causes the camera to repeatedly zoom in and zoom out until the effect fades.
  • When using Hidden Pistols, the pistols your character has in hand are pointed at the sky instead of the direction where the projectiles travel.