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Caledon Forest[edit]

Area name Completion Needs to be Located misc notes
Caledon Forest 1Yes Warden Llewyr Is instanced only apparently, so can't get him.
Village of Astorea 1Yes omitted halloween npcs+termite larvae
The Verdence 1Yes
Grenbrack Delves 1Yes
Sleive's Inlet 1Yes Warden Deena and Warden Elye only exist during events, and have a long walk after it finishes (perhaps when it starts too)
Morgan's Spiral 1Yes skipped a few nightmare mobs which have names but no real dialogue
Dreamdark Enclave 1Yes
Ogham Wilds 1Yes
Sandycove Beach 1Yes
Glencarn Sperrins 1Yes
Ventry Bay 1Yes
Mabon Market 1Yes Warden Nivi, Ohuatl, Apprentice Vee left out all the mini npcs+ooze since there are multiple and they run all over the place
The Rootangles 1Yes
Titan's Staircase 1Yes
Dominion of Winds 1Yes
Ruins of the Unseen 1Yes
Quetzal Bay 1Yes
Trader's Green 1Yes
Willowalk Groves 1Yes
The Rowanwoods 1Yes
Treemarch Estuary 1Yes
Wychmire Swamp 1Yes Captain Bren walks all over the housing area, Gamarien does a long trek in the swamps for event, Merchant Remi and Merchant Trundle continuously walk along a road.