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Ambient dialogue in the Grand Piazza from past releases can be found here.

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Between Mystic Forge and Grand Piazza
Consortium Surveyor: (chuckle) Jellyfish and manta rays...
Construction Engineer: In all my years building things, I've never once shipped a structure in from somewhere else. Smart idea.
Project Manager: I think that's the first time I've ever heard you say something positive.
Construction Engineer: It's hard to be pessimistic about something like this. Lion's Arch will be a completely different place when we're done.
During Sky Pirates: Aetherblade Attack
Marren: Merrik, what should we do?
Roardina: We've heard people talking. They think we had something to do with the attack.
Merrik: I've been thinking about what happened. It couldn't have been an accident.
Merrik: Tell me, right now. Did any of you have anything to do with it?
Broll: Of course not. Did you?
Merrik: Never. I was born here, and I'll die here. I hate Dragon Bash, but I love my city.
Merrik: We have a new charge. Tell everyone to keep their eyes open. We won't let this criminal get away with it.