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Name Weapon type Legendary weapon
Gift of The Bifrost.png Gift of The Bifrost Staff The Bifrost.png The Bifrost
Gift of Bolt.png Gift of Bolt Sword Bolt.png Bolt
Gift of Rodgort.png Gift of Rodgort Torch Rodgort.png Rodgort
Gift of The Dreamer.png Gift of The Dreamer Short bow The Dreamer.png The Dreamer
Gift of The Flameseeker Prophecies.png Gift of The Flameseeker Prophecies Shield The Flameseeker Prophecies.png The Flameseeker Prophecies
Gift of Frenzy.png Gift of Frenzy Harpoon gun Frenzy (weapon).png Frenzy
Gift of Frostfang.png Gift of Frostfang Axe Frostfang.png Frostfang
Gift of Howler.png Gift of Howler Warhorn Howler.png Howler
Gift of Incinerator.png Gift of Incinerator Dagger Incinerator.png Incinerator
Gift of The Juggernaut.png Gift of The Juggernaut Hammer The Juggernaut.png The Juggernaut
Gift of Kudzu.png Gift of Kudzu Longbow Kudzu.png Kudzu
Gift of Kraitkin.png Gift of Kraitkin Trident Kraitkin.png Kraitkin
Gift of Kamohoali'i Kotaki.png Gift of Kamohoali'i Kotaki Spear Kamohoali'i Kotaki.png Kamohoali'i Kotaki
Gift of Meteorlogicus.png Gift of Meteorlogicus Scepter Meteorlogicus.png Meteorlogicus
Gift of The Minstrel.png Gift of The Minstrel Focus The Minstrel.png The Minstrel
Gift of The Moot.png Gift of The Moot Mace The Moot.png The Moot
Gift of The Predator.png Gift of The Predator Rifle The Predator.png The Predator
Gift of Quip.png Gift of Quip Pistol Quip.png Quip
Gift of Twilight.png Gift of Sunrise Greatsword Sunrise.png Sunrise
Gift of Twilight.png Gift of Twilight Greatsword Twilight.png Twilight
Gift of Astralaria.png Gift of Astralaria Axe Astralaria.png Astralaria
Gift of Quip.png Gift of HOPE Pistol HOPE.png HOPE
Gift of Nevermore.png Gift of Nevermore Staff Nevermore.png Nevermore
Gift of Chuka and Champawat.png Gift of Chuka and Champawat Short bow Chuka and Champawat.png Chuka and Champawat
Gift of Eureka.png Gift of Eureka Mace Eureka.png Eureka
Gift of Shooshadoo.png Gift of Shooshadoo Shield Shooshadoo.png Shooshadoo
Gift of Divinity.png Gift of Divinity Rifle The HMS Divinity.png The HMS Divinity
Gift of Balthazar.png Gift of Balthazar Torch Flames of War.png Flames of War
Gift of the Blade.png Gift of the Blade Sword The Shining Blade.png The Shining Blade
Gift of Arah.png Gift of Arah Hammer Sharur.png Sharur
Gift of Ipos.png Gift of Ipos Focus The Binding of Ipos.png The Binding of Ipos
Gift of the Four Legions.png Gift of the Four Legions Dagger Claw of the Khan-Ur.png Claw of the Khan-Ur
Gift of Verdarach.png Gift of Verdarach Focus Verdarach.png Verdarach