Fortunes Vale

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the unimplemented World versus World map. For the Desert Highlands point of interest, see Fortune's Vale.
The Fortunes Vale unused map.
The datamined map of Fortunes Vale.
Map of a possible Fortunes Vale lobby.
Possible Fortunes Vale lobby.

Fortunes Vale is an unused map for World versus World in The Mists that was in the Gw2.dat for only a few weeks before its removal. It was situated to the northeast portion of the World versus World maps, opposite of Edge of the Mists, though its purpose - if any was decided - is unknown. There are no current plans to bring it back,[1] but it had a series of events and voice overs already implemented before being scrapped.

Fortunes Vale was divided into various themed sections, each with their own set of foes (such as Skritt, Tree Bandits, Ogres, Karka, Dredge, "Crazed", and Elementals). The map also appeared to have been set up for three competing teams (color coded to red, blue, and green), each team set up to escort an NPC through a series of events, being:

  • Lionguard Tirzah, a human female
  • Horvath the Horrible, a norn male
  • Skymaster Loew, a male asura


  • The map was found in data files in April 2013 and it was removed later.
  • All datamined information, including voice overs, can be found on that_shaman's blog, here.