Dolyak (Spirit of the Wild)

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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to The Icebrood Saga.

The trumping sound of a heavy animal running can be heard, but it swiftly disappears beyond the reach of any senses.

Shrine to Ox

Dolyak (also known as Ox) is one of the lesser Spirits of the Wild who stayed behind to fight the Elder Dragon Jormag during the norn exodus. He is known for his teachings in strength and perseverance.[1]


Early years[edit]

Following the Elder Dragon Jormag's awakening in 1165 AE, the norn tried to defend their lands in the Far Shiverpeaks from its corruption and destruction, but they were no match for the Ice Dragon. Dolyak was one of the Spirits of the Wild—alongside Eagle and Wolverine—who stayed behind after Owl's demise and fought the Elder Dragon to give the norn the time to prepare for their exodus to the south. It is unknown what happened to him, and he is revered with great sorrow, along with the other Spirits who stayed behind, at the dedicated shrines of Lost Spirits' Hallow in Hoelbrak.[2]

No norn has been blessed to serve as havroun to Dolyak in generations although it is unknown if this is because of Dolyak's demise or because it is common for weaker Spirits, or those not close to the physical realm of Tyria, to be without a havroun.[1] Forgal Kernsson was the son of Kern, the last Dolyak Shaman.[3]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

During the Vigil's exploration of Bjora Marches in 1332 AE, several Fallen creatures with a red aura—ranging from norn and kodan to local wildlife—were found roaming around various ruined shrines dedicated to the Spirits of the Wild in the Aberrant Forest and the Fallen Mountains. After learning that the Fallen were minions of Jormag, Researcher Yarixx found a way to manipulate their spirit essence of Resilience to turn them strong and weak against other minions of Jormag—Aberrant and the Sons of Svanir—who had been infused with the essences of Valor and Vigilance related to other lost Spirits of the Wild. Beyond the existence of the Fallen and their ties to Jormag, there was no other clue about the ultimate fate of Dolyak.

Places of worship[edit]

Snowden Drifts



According to A Spirit of Legend, the Spirit of Dolyak is also called Ox. However, the Shrine to Ox in Hoelbrak and Dolyak Totem in Angvar's Trove differ in appearance. (The first is a bull, while the second is a dolyak.)


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