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Desert Highlands (achievements)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement category. For the zone, see Desert Highlands.

Desert Highlands is an achievement category for achievements earned in the Desert Highlands.

Desert Highlands.png
Desert Highlands (Path of Fire)
Total achievements: 32 Path of Fire mastery point 114Achievement points


  1. ^ Freezing Leap: You need to land in or right on the edge of the rim of the mostly submerged vase.
  2. ^ Smashing!: The Pot Attacks are denoted by small red AoE circles on the ground, in which several pots fall in quick succession for a few seconds. It is important to note you do not have to actually dodge the attack - you just have to take no damage from it, which can be achieved by simply keeping out of the AoE circles (no dodge rolls necessary). When the attack ends, if you took no damage from the pots, you'll gain a stack of Ceramics Evasion, up to 3 of them. You'll lose all stacks if you take damage from a Pot Attack, or if you get downed. If you end the fight with 3 stacks of Ceramics Evasion, you will unlock the achievement.