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Community created event for End of Dragons

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During the Extra Life 2020 charity stream, ArenaNet offered the community to create an event for the upcoming End of Dragons expansion, with several additional goals available for each donation goal. The event has been created with the help of developer Nick Hernandez by using Twitch chat and polls. The official name and details for the event will be announced at launch.


These details have been picked by the community:

  • The event will happen in water (in Shing Jea map).
  • It is going to be a cull (kill) event.
  • The fight will be against monsters.
  • It is a group event.
  • It will start with destroying Jade eggs before more Jade monsters can spawn.
  • Event spawn will be tied to time of day.
  • The eggs will hatch at dawn.
  • Additional objective: there will be a collecting phase.
  • Ally type: there will be a friendly animal named Bubbles.
  • Additional objective #2: a gadget will be used.