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The Clashing Seas, also called the Great Sea, is the large body of water within the Unending Ocean located between Tyria and Cantha. Parts of the Clashing Seas between northeast Cantha and southern Elona are riddled with sudden storms and cyclones, hidden reefs, and dangerous sea creatures, making direct navigation hard to most. Due to these storms and reefs, corsairs have long made refuge in these waters.[1]


Over a thousand years ago, the Clashing Seas was partially ruled by the Margonites until they lost their humanity in the events leading to the Exodus of the Gods.[2]

In the center of the Clashing Seas once lay the Battle Isles before they were sunk by the rising of Orr and the Elder Dragon Zhaitan's awakening in 1219 AE. Before Zhaitan's awakening, it was heavily sailed by humanity, and waylaid by krait.

The existence of sporadic Canthan sailors washing upon the Tarnished Coast since the rising of Orr suggests that Canthans still sail these waters.[3] Some largos have extensive knowledge of Orr,[4] implying they live relatively close, which would place them in the northern Clashing Seas. If so, then the deep sea dragon's encroaching influence has reached these waters.


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