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ID Link Skin Type Weight Flags Description
26 Chainmail Shoulders Shoulders Heavy
29 Apprentice Shoulders Shoulders Light
36 Rawhide Shoulders Shoulders Medium
38 Scallywag Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
45 Seer Mantle Shoulders Light
47 Sneakthief Shoulderguards Shoulders Medium
52 Worn Chain Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
60 Swindler Pauldrons Shoulders Medium
64 Country Mantle Shoulders Light
66 Worn Scale Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
70 Magician Mantle Shoulders Light
72 Reinforced Scale Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
76 Privateer Shoulders Shoulders Medium
79 Cabalist Shoulders Shoulders Light
83 Banded Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
86 Rogue Pauldrons Shoulders Medium
90 Conjurer Mantle Shoulders Light
113 Illustrious Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
119 Illustrious Epaulets Shoulders Light
121 Illustrious Shoulderguard Shoulders Medium
133 Splint Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
137 Tempered Scale Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
138 Draconic Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
153 Embroidered Mantle Shoulders Light
154 Student Mantle Shoulders Light
157 Acolyte Mantle Shoulders Light
163 Feathered Mantle Shoulders Light
167 Winged Mantle Shoulders Light
169 Exalted Mantle Shoulders Light
184 Leather Shoulders Shoulders Medium
191 Rascal Shoulders Shoulders Medium
195 Emblazoned Shoulders Shoulders Medium
196 Prowler Shoulders Shoulders Medium
206 Barbaric Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
223 Chain Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
224 Scale Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
226 Gladiator Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
228 Masquerade Mantle Shoulders Light
230 Seeker Shoulders Shoulders Medium
231 Outlaw Shoulders Shoulders Medium
233 Noble Shoulders Shoulders Medium
264 Galvanic Epaulets Shoulders Heavy
266 Protean Epaulets Shoulders Medium
269 Adept Epaulets Shoulders Light
271 Auxiliary Powered Epaulets Shoulders Medium
279 Electroplated Epaulets Shoulders Heavy
282 Genius Epaulets Shoulders Light
290 Prototype Epaulets Shoulders Medium
294 Electromagnetic Epaulets Shoulders Heavy
298 Savant Epaulets Shoulders Light
318 Warband Spaulders Shoulders Heavy
320 Drover Shoulders Shoulders Medium
321 Invoker's Shoulders Shoulders Light
326 Wrangler Shoulders Shoulders Medium
330 Archon Shoulders Shoulders Light
335 Legion Spaulders Shoulders Heavy
343 Dreadnought Spaulders Shoulders Heavy
347 Magus Shoulders Shoulders Light
355 Trapper Shoulders Shoulders Medium
372 Commander's Shoulderplates Shoulders Heavy
374 Researcher's Epaulets Shoulders Light
375 Scout's Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium
379 Avenger's Shoulderplates Shoulders Heavy
385 Falconer's Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium
390 Aristocrat's Epaulets Shoulders Light
395 Protector's Shoulderplates Shoulders Heavy
401 Sorcerer's Epaulets Shoulders Light
408 Assassin's Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium
425 Wolfborn Shoulderpad Shoulders Medium
427 Sheepskin Mantle Shoulders Light
429 Dolyak Spaulders Shoulders Heavy
436 Eagle Spaulders Shoulders Heavy
439 Havroun Mantle Shoulders Light
443 Predatory Shoulderpad Shoulders Medium
453 Wolf Shoulderpad Shoulders Medium
458 Lupine Mantle Shoulders Light
465 Stag Spaulders Shoulders Heavy
479 Arborist Shoulderguards Shoulders Heavy
482 Evergreen Shoulderguards Shoulders Medium
485 Snapdragon Epaulets Shoulders Light
487 Nightshade Shoulderguards Shoulders Medium
492 Warden Shoulderguards Shoulders Heavy
501 Orchid Epaulets Shoulders Light
504 Firstborn Shoulderguards Shoulders Medium
511 Oaken Shoulderguards Shoulders Heavy
518 Dryad Epaulets Shoulders Light
617 Ascalonian Sentry Shoulderguards Shoulders Medium
619 Ascalonian Performer Mantle Shoulders Light
621 Ascalonian Protector Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
631 Grasping Dead Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
636 Mantle of the Lich Shoulders Light
642 Accursed Shoulders Shoulders Medium
649 Council Guard Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
656 Council Watch Shoulderguards Shoulders Medium
657 Council Ministry Mantle Shoulders Light
667 Forgeman Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
672 Forgeman Mantle Shoulders Light
679 Forgeman Shoulders Shoulders Medium
686 Nightmare Court Mantle Shoulders Light
692 Nightmare Court Collar Shoulders Medium
696 Nightmare Court Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
708 Duty of Koda Shoulders Medium
709 Mantle of Koda Shoulders Light
710 Burden of Koda Shoulders Heavy
722 Flame Legion Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
727 Flame Legion Epaulets Shoulders Light
733 Flame Legion Shoulders Shoulders Medium
740 Inquest Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
745 Inquest Shoulders Shoulders Medium
750 Inquest Mantle Shoulders Light
756 Radiant Mantle Shoulders Heavy NoCost Revered by all.
763 Radiant Mantle Shoulders Light NoCost Revered by all.
767 Radiant Mantle Shoulders Medium NoCost Revered by all.
768 Hellfire Mantle Shoulders Heavy NoCost Fear incarnate.
775 Hellfire Mantle Shoulders Light NoCost Fear incarnate.
779 Hellfire Mantle Shoulders Medium NoCost Fear incarnate.
805 Heritage Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium NoCost
808 Heritage Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy NoCost
810 Heritage Mantle Shoulders Light NoCost
871 Militia Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
876 Devout Mantle Shoulders Light
884 Heavy Plate Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
888 Stately Epaulets Shoulders Light
897 Pit Fighter Shoulderguard Shoulders Heavy
901 Dry Bones Mantle Shoulders Light
909 Duelist Pauldrons Shoulders Medium
911 Dark Templar Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
921 Primitive Mantle Shoulders Light
922 Buccaneer Shoulders Shoulders Medium
936 Studded Plate Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
937 Stalker Shoulderguards Shoulders Medium
949 Rubicon Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium
956 Armageddon Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
958 Aurora Mantle Shoulders Light
1072 Twisted Watchwork Shoulders Shoulders Heavy
1075 Twisted Watchwork Shoulders Shoulders Light
1077 Twisted Watchwork Shoulders Shoulders Medium
1084 Braham's Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
1085 Phoenix Mantle Shoulders Light
1091 Magitech Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium
1093 Primeval Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
1099 Profane Mantle Shoulders Light
1103 Krytan Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium
1106 Phalanx Shoulders Shoulders Heavy
1116 Deathly Avian Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
1119 Deathly Bull's Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
1120 Deathly Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
1121 Deathly Avian Mantle Shoulders Light
1123 Deathly Bull's Mantle Shoulders Light
1126 Deathly Mantle Shoulders Light
1128 Deathly Avian Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium
1131 Deathly Bull's Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium
1136 Deathly Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium
1137 Heavy Island Shoulder Shoulders Heavy
1141 Light Island Shoulder Shoulders Light
1143 Medium Island Shoulder Shoulders Medium
1256 Flamekissed Mantle Shoulders Light
1265 Flamewrath Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
1266 Flamewalker Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium
1275 Rampart Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
1281 Incarnate Mantle Shoulders Light
1287 Strider's Spaulders Shoulders Medium
1307 Aetherblade Heavy Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
1309 Aetherblade Light Mantle Shoulders Light
1312 Aetherblade Medium Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium
1325 Toxic Pauldron Shoulders Heavy
1326 Toxic Mantle Shoulders Light
1327 Toxic Shoulderpad Shoulders Medium
1332 Trickster's Mantle Shoulders Light
1338 Viper's Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium
1348 Zodiac Heavy Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
1354 Zodiac Light Mantle Shoulders Light
1360 Zodiac Medium Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium
1362 Lawless Shoulders Shoulders Light
1368 Lawless Shoulders Shoulders Medium
1371 Lawless Shoulders Shoulders Heavy
1376 Priory's Historical Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
1377 Priory's Historical Mantle Shoulders Light
1378 Priory's Historical Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium
1394 Vigil's Honor Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
1395 Vigil's Honor Mantle Shoulders Light
1396 Vigil's Honor Shoulderguards Shoulders Medium
1412 Whisper's Secret Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
1413 Whisper's Secret Shoulderguards Shoulders Medium
1528 Heavy Scale Shoulderguards Shoulders Heavy
1561 Guild Defender Shoulderplate Shoulders Heavy
1619 Apostle Epaulets Shoulders Light
1627 Tribal Mantle Shoulders Light
1671 Guild Archmage Mantle Shoulders Light
1719 Studded Shoulders Shoulders Medium
1733 Marauder Shoulderguards Shoulders Medium
1736 Stalwart Shoulders Shoulders Medium
1829 Guild Watchman Shoulderguards Shoulders Medium
1998 Wurmslayer's Epaulets Shoulders Light
1999 Wurmslayer's Shoulderguard Shoulders Medium
2001 Wurmslayer's Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
2032 Scarlet's Spaulders Shoulders Light
2034 Scarlet's Spaulders Shoulders Heavy
2035 Scarlet's Spaulders Shoulders Medium
2043 Fanatic's Mantle Shoulders Heavy
2044 Conqueror's Mantle Shoulders Heavy
2263 Diviner Mantle Shoulders Light
2269 Mist Walker Shoulders Shoulders Medium
5605 Glorious Hero's Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy HideIfLocked
5611 Glorious Hero's Epaulets Shoulders Light HideIfLocked
5617 Glorious Hero's Shoulderguards Shoulders Medium HideIfLocked
5627 Glorious Shoulderguards Shoulders Medium
5637 Glorious Epaulets Shoulders Light
5643 Glorious Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
5716 Carapace Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium
5717 Luminescent Shoulderpads Shoulders Medium
5732 Luminescent Mantle Shoulders Light
5740 Luminescent Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
5744 Carapace Pauldrons Shoulders Heavy
5745 Carapace Mantle Shoulders Light
5793 Shoulder Scarf Shoulders Light
5794 Shoulder Scarf Shoulders Medium
5795 Shoulder Scarf Shoulders Heavy
5815 Shadow of the Dragon Shoulders Shoulders Heavy
5816 Shadow of the Dragon Shoulders Shoulders Light
5820 Shadow of the Dragon Shoulders Shoulders Medium